By Elri Voigt

Gazing over her subjects, Time watches
Waiting for the next victim to be subject to her iron rule
None can escape it, like a goddess
She waits, immortal and cruel
To laugh as mankind tries to outrun her, and fails

Two pairs of eyes meet
Two hearts skip a beat
Two souls believe
In a destiny
Two hands join together

Time sees all and smiles, it will only be
A matter of days, weeks, months, or years
Before the two hands are free
She settles back to watch love adhere
To her spells

The hands on the clock turn; days become years
Life hints at a farewell,
Yet Time does not have as much power as she appears
Despite rolling eyes, clenched fists, and frustrated yells
Slammed doors never remain shut for long

Tears are dried when fingers are intertwined once more
For until death does part
The two remain joined heart to heart

Elri VoigtElri Voigt is a young adult living in sunny South Africa. She loves all things book related and has been writing since she was 11. She isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon, and she relies on her trusted friend “coffee” to get the writing job done.