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Kingdom Pen is excited to bring you another episode of KPR! This episode, broken up into two parts, was submitted by our good friend Daniel over at The Very Serious Writing Show. podcasthaleypinterest

This episode features Kingdom Pen’s own Haley Long discussing the topic of poetry.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How poetry changes with the culture
  • Writing 3 novels in a month is possible…
  • And so is writing a novel in 6 days…
  • Haley’s method for writing poetry
  • The infinite number of ways to write poetry
  • The subjectivity of poetry
  • But also the objectivity of poetry


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

Poetry for Dummies










Kingdom Pen Trivia: Haley’s reading this book was inspired by Reagan’s request that she write some articles on poetry. To this day, Reagan is still waiting to see those articles…


Daniel’s new website:



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