We are delighted to be presenting our fourth KP spotlight! In this installment we are featuring the lovely Charis Etter. Enjoy!

Kingdom Pen: What do you like the most about Kingdom Pen?

Charis Etter: The community and ideas from different writers like me. Also the picture prompts.

KP: How did you find out about Kingdom Pen?

CE: A friend told me about it.

KP: What is one thing you’d like to see added or expanded at Kingdom Pen?

CE: More picture prompts…

KP: Can you share three interesting facts about yourself?

CE: One, I am an American, but I grew up in northeast Asia. Two, I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember, but only started writing them down about five years ago. Three, one of my hobbies is horseback riding.

KP: Tell us a bit about your family—brothers, sisters, parents, pets?

CE: I am the third of six girls (aged from seven to twenty-one). My dad is pastor of a small Baptist church in Colorado. We have one dog named Mei-Mei (that means “little sister” in Chinese).

KP: What would your dream job be?

CE: I would love to work with special needs kids and write on the side.

KP: Are you homeschooled? Public schooled? Tell us the tale.

CE: I have been homeschooled my whole life, although I did attend a vo-tech school last year.

KP: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? (It’s okay to brag a little on this one!)

CE: Not Christ-related, I have almost finished my first book. Christ-related, serving the Lord overseas.

KP: What advice would you give to beginning authors?

CE: I don’t know if I should be giving advice because I feel so new to the writing community. I guess it would be to get the first draft done. Don’t worry about editing; just write the first draft.

KP: What is the best writing advice you’ve ever received?

CE: See above.

KP: What is your favorite thing to write—poetry, fiction, nonfiction, blog posts, etc.?

CE: Definitely fantasy and sci-fi. I have written modern fiction and poetry too though.

KP: Where do you envision the writing industry going in the future?

CE: Writing has so many aspects that I don’t know where it will all go.

KP: What is your favorite aspect of writing?

CE: Creating a world all my own.

KP: What kind of reader are you and why? Do you read a whole book in one sitting, read lots of books at once, only read at night, only read in the morning?

CE: If I could, I would read a book in one sitting. I try not to read at night though, because I would never get to sleep otherwise.

KP: If you were a genre of literature, which one would you be?

CE: Fantasy or sci-fi.

KP: A movie is being made about your life. What are three songs that would definitely make the soundtrack cut and why?

CE: Probably any Casting Crowns or Avalon song because they always seem to connect with me…though Celtic Women might be in there too.

KP: Do you prefer e-books or printed books? If so, why?

CE: Printed if possible. I like to feel the paper and see how far I have left to read.

KP: You get to be any character in literature for one day. Which character would you be and why?

CE: Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings trilogy). I love his loyalty to his friends and endurance to the end. Also, he was the only one who believed the quest could be accomplished. (Plus, Tolkien actually said that Sam was the hero of the story, not Frodo.)

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