KP Radio #2 ~ Christian Themes in Weird Stories and other Tips with Kerry Nietz (Amish Vampires in Space)





Having somehow survived for a second episode, Daniel and Kerry talk about the development of two of Kerry’s books, the challenges and benefits of writing without an outline, the 2 key elements to becoming successful in career writing, and to wrap it all up, they give away a book.  Can’t get a better deal than that.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How in the world a book called “Amish Vampires in Space” happened


  • Why Kerry loves Sci-fi
  • Organic themescaping
  • Development of “A Start Curiously Singing”
  • How Kerry became a part of Marcher Lord Press (Now called Enclave Publishing)
  • Kerry’s writing process
  • Habitual writing
  • The importance of writer communities
  • What Kerry sounds like when sneezing

For more on Amish Vampires In Space, check out this great review:


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Amish Vampires in Space:

Amish Vampires

Amish Zomies in Space:

Amish zombies

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Star curiously singing







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  1. Another stellar episode.

  2. I haven’t listened to this episode. Honestly, I don’t think I will. Those covers have scared me for life.

    I have an honest question. Please don’t be offended. Should Christians really be using dark, evil things like vampires and zombies as themes for their stories (Philippians 4:8-9)? And why then would unbelievers think that we’re really any different than them?

    • I’m absolutely not offended by the question, I think it’s entirely valid.

      Do I personally think that Christian should be allowed morally to use dark elements? Yeah, frankly, I do. I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong about Vampire mythos any more than, say, the orcs of Lord of the Rings, or the centaurs of Narnia. These are, at least in my opinion, morally neutral elements, the like of which have been used successfully in very good Christian literature, past and present.

      I asked Kerry to be on the show because I believe he has a very interesting view of the writing process, the story behind Amish Vampires in Space is really very funny (a culmination of being sick of Amish Romance books and being sick of Vampire novels), and his advice on daily writing habits and the road to publication is invaluable. So yeah, I totally understand your inhibitions regarding the subject material, but let me tell ya, that’s really not what this episode is about. We keep our focus mostly on theme development and writing process, so there’s no offensive material in the podcast itself. I’d encourage you to listen to the episode for those reasons.

      But hey, you know what, your thought is really interesting. I’m gonna run and make a topic in the forum on the use of dark elements in story so that we can talk about it some more.

      • Thank you for not being offended. I have a tendency to offend people, but I’m learning.

        I don’t mind having dark elements in a story. I totally understand that. But if it’s the theme, that’s when it becomes highly questionable for me.

        I might listen. Thanks for alleviating (most of) my fears on that.

        And I need to be confirmed for the forums still, but when I am, I’ll certainly head over there!

        • I totally agree on dark themes; there’s some utterly dreadful stuff out there, and Kerry it totally not that way. I can’t comment on Amish Vampire’s in Space’s theme, cause I’m not done reading it yet (thanks, college), but the theme on A Star Curiously Singing was FANTASTIC. We spend a lot of the time talking about that story.

          So yeah, I’m glad I’ve alleviated some of your concerns. 😛 His stuff is definitely Christian, and the dude’s got know-how on the subject. I hope you do listen.

          Our people should have that done for you pretty fast, if I know them. 😀

    • I agree with Daniel. Kingdom Pen is definitely against dark themes in our writing, though we are not against the use of dark elements. The Bible portrays some very dark things, yet, the theme of the Bible is of course brilliantly good and positive. Also like Daniel pointed out, vampires aren’t much different than any other fantasy creature out there in Christian fiction.

      I really hope you listen to the podcast. There is nothing graphic or dark in the conversation.

      Also, I just approved your forum membership. Sorry it took so long! We are a staff of volunteers, and many of us are in college or work multiple jobs. Our time for Kingdom Pen is limited, and manually reviewing applications and adding members to the forum is rather tedious and time consuming. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

      – Reagan

  3. I loved this episode. Really encouraging when it came to writing communities. And I think I may try out Amish Vampires in Space now. I wasn’t sure before. 🙂 Great job. ^.^

  4. “And they all were amazed.. and said: ‘This guy is really good!'” I think you stuck a prophetic sound effect on there, Daniel. 😛
    This episode was more like what I was expecting the podcast to be like. I actually learned stuff, not just laughed my head off at you and Ezra being ridiculous. XD Not that I have a preference to either of those…
    I’ll consider entering the… situation….

    • Oh yes. Me and Ezra had our fun, and there’s plenty of fun to be had in later episodes as well, but we wanted to be able to provide this very practical stuff. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😀

  5. #perfectwaytowinddownafteraharddayatwork
    This was both amusing and informative. I’ve been wondering about the process behind writing Amish Vampires, ever since I first saw the cover (two years ago). 😛

  6. Eric Johnson says:

    Daniel is definitely the kind of guy I would introduce as “the one and only”. You may have a great thing going with this show!

  7. Sierra Ret says:

    Wow. Just wow. The first episode had me hooked from the first five minutes with the Gladiator, Doctor Who, Mr. Bean, and Princess Bride references, and this one had some very helpful advice on building up a solid writing routine. I will definitely be following these. Thanks KP for providing us with more equally hilarious and important writing content!

    • Haaaaaa, I’m glad SOMEONE is getting all the references. XD I love my intro so much.

      Yeah, I loved this interview. I came out of it feeling very enlightened. So, you know, I’m learning right along with everyone here, which is so cool.

  8. Hey yall! We have the winner of the giveaway!


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