Kingdom Pen Radio #1 – The Ultimate Canadian Love Story



Yo guys.  Welcome to Kingdom Pen Radio.


In the inaugural episode of Kingdom Pen Radio, Daniel and Ezra map out an ancient Canadian love story, bash Hunger Games, give away a t-shirt, recite a culturally inaccurate Canadian poem, and generally make a mess of whatever professional reputation this show was intended to have.  But hey, this is what writers at work look like.  Abandon expectations, all who enter here . . .


Kingdom Pen Radio will release new episodes every Monday from now until they strap Daniel onto a platform and lock him away in a padded room some 20,000 leagues under the sea.  Once that happens, episodes will premier on Tuesdays.



As you may have inferred from the all-caps two-word sentence above, this episode contains free stuff. If the aforementioned sentence was too much for your noggin, no worries. Allow us to translate: this episode contains free stuff.


Listen carefully for how you can be eligible to win said free stuff.


What you’ll learn in this episode:


  • Why some people didn’t like The Hunger Games
  • The four major plot points of every good story
  • Cookies can be a detriment to your writing life
  • How to write the ultimate Canadian love story
  • What a “Moose Man” is/was.
  • Canadians evolved from mooses*
  • Ezra Wilkinson really, really, really needs to join the Kingdom Pen Forum
  • Tom Hiddleston can pull-off antlers like it’s nobody’s business

Tom with antlers

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The One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum (or “Oyan” as it is affectionately called): It was actually on this student forum that Kingdom Pen got its start!

Lootcrate: Get your geek on!


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Keep writing for Christ,

The KP Team


*This was completely and totally meant in jest. Kingdom Pen does not actually believe that Canadians evolved from mooses, nor do we accept the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. We also totally and completely understand that “mooses” is not a word, and that these majestic creatures, whether singular or plural, are referred to as “moose”. Thank you for understanding. DFTBA. 




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Username Daniel (Leinad)
Age 19
What type of writing are you most interested in? Writing for Film/Other Media
How did you hear about Kingdom Pen? I work here, crackers.
Tell us about yourself in 1 sentence: I am the very model of a modern major general; I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral; I know the kings of England and I quote the facts historical from Marathon to Waterloo in order categoricaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.
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  1. “Bo Bobo is Tom Hiddleston because I want to stop all the girls liking him.” YES FREAkiNG YES. *laughing so hard* “The air of New Zealand made them sheep people”? This story is the best thing ever.
    And you’re gonna get the t-shirt because you’re brilliant, whichever of you said that (b/c you’re both brilliant), but I will try if I think of anything.

  2. Zoe Pearson says:

    Who gave these boys a microphone?! I am entertained, but oh my gracious… =)

  3. Can you download the audio? I rather not listen to the whole thing sitting in front of the computer

  4. My sister and I laughed until our stomachs hurt. XD The sound effects at the beginning… the moose people… Tom Hiddleston. Gosh, you guys made my day. XD

  5. Oh, and the ad for loot crate. My brothers are making stop motion animation Lego movies of it they liked it so much. 😛

  6. Hi Guys,
    One tip for the next podcast, I would not play background music throughout the whole thing. It made it difficult for me to focus and detracted fro the content. I would also enjoy more informative content. The story was fun though! I too am a huge fan of LES MIS! I sing it all them time. I feel really weird because one of my favorite songs to sing is Javert’s death scene. LOL! Talk about morbid!

    I will tune in next week!

    • Thanks Victoria! I’m playing around with different options with the music, so we’ll see what comes of that in the future; I appreciate you telling me though, for real.

      Les Mis is awesome. I want to go back and actually read the book. I did an audio drama and saw the most recent film with Wolverine and Russel Crowe, and those were both pretty good.

      Have a great week Victoria!

      • Oh I hope you read the book! It really was a masterpiece. It is REALLY intimidating though! Super huge. Lots of people call it “the brick” because it is so long! I mustered up the courage to read the entire thing earlier this year and I am so happy I did!

  7. Faith Kindred says:

    Wow! This was great! I loved every minute of it!
    Especially the part about how cookies can be a detriment to your writing life!
    You guys were so funny. I’m glad kingdom pen has finally come out with kp radio!

    • Glad you could join in and listen!

      Some people use cookies as an incentive to write. Like, the decide if they can get a word count by a certain time, then they can have a cookie. Ezra . . . hasn’t quite got himself there just yet . . . XD

  8. I may or may not be forever confused. *thumbs up*

  9. “I want to thank my alligator Susan…”
    Thanks for making my day:)

  10. Miles (OYAN @thequokka) says:

    I loved it! About the t-shirt,
    How the Canadians became human,
    Who knew Canadians used to have antlers?
    An Antlove Story,
    An antler for an antler,
    MOO is for Moose, or
    The Moosfits

  11. Garrett Robinson says:

    Okay, so for the title of the book: “Syrup is Thicker Than Water.”

  12. Ferith (Cause this is OYANish) says:

    That… that is just too awesome for words. Thank you.
    Actually no.
    I am going to sue you now. You made my face hurt from laughing to much.

  13. Ferith (Cause this is OYANish) says:

    Oh, and now I’m trying to think of what the theme for hunger games is. Give me a bit, I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

    • I think Hunger Game’s problem is that is bounces between possible themes without commitment, and kinda ends up with an “Everything Stinks” sort of end-thought for the reader/viewer. It had bits of politican themage, some more surface-level survival ideas, and then lots of “There is no black and white, just gray” when you reach Mockingjay. Overall though, I don’t feel like it’s unified in it’s themescape, and that does weaken the overall experience.

      I’d love to talk about it more though. I don’t hate the series at any rate. I’ll probably even be dragged to see the last movie. 😛

      • Ferith (Cause this is OYANish) says:

        I think the one constant one is that you have to fight oppression wherever you find it. Even if no one else is, and even if you can’t really see the point in doing so, and even if you find out that the oppression is actually coming from what you thought were the good guys, you have to fight and keep fighting.

  14. Ezra Wilkinson says:

    Tom Hiddleston as Bo Bobo needs to happen, I’m telling you. Get him on the show Daniel, I’ll make a return, and we’ll just discuss the intricacies of his character.

    And now I’m almost tempted to join the KP forum…

  15. You guys are hilarious. XD This made for quite an entertainng half-hour.
    I’m looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

    As for a title– a cross between “evolution” and “moose”? I can’t decide on the spelling, though. 😛

  16. Luke Carney says:

    Seriously, this was da best. 😛

  17. The title: “Marry Me, Eh?”

  18. For a title: An Unfortunate Moostake in Love

    What about that, huh?

  19. After some technical difficulties, I was finally able to listen to it. That was great. XD

    How about just plain Moosetakes. Or Moose Steaks (for breakfast, perhaps?). My Dad is actually heading out to hunt moose on Friday or Saturday. I can’t wait- we’ve been living on roadkill for a while. 😀

  20. You guys, THAT. WAS. AWESOME!

    I turned the podcast on the computer and my sister over heard you and asked, “What are you listening to?!” xD She and I couldn’t stop laughing from the moment the podcast started! It was hilarious, yet helpful!

    “Cookies, I like cookies, I want the cookies.” ROFL!!! XD I have that same problem (writer that doesn’t write much) xD

  21. And the antlers on your banner don’t belong to moose, they belong to deer.

  22. I’ve… never been more confused in my life. But I’ve also never laughed so hard, either.
    About the t-shirt contest, my title idea is:
    ‘Of Moose, Men, and Kingdom Pen’

    P.S. Daniel, if you get fired, can you play a clip of Donald Trump yelling “You’re fired!”?

  23. I laughed, I cried – it moved me, Bob!
    This is fantastic! XD Now for my title brain storm shrapnel:
    “Before Canadians Were Nice”
    “All’s Fair in Love and Moose”
    “Aboot Bo Bobo the Soorry Moose”
    “A Moose’s (lack of) Tail”
    “A Canadian Story That’s Not About Hockey”
    “The Good the Bad and the Moose”
    “The Maple and Moose”

    That’s all I got this late in the night! Keep it up, Kingdom Pen. This is golden.

  24. ‘In Moosefortune’s Wake’
    And… though technically they’re called antlers… ‘The Horn of Moosefortune’.
    Hilarious, guys.

  25. Bria Snow says:

    That was hilarious. I’m hoping that there will be a bit more seriousness or useful writing advice in the future so that I can justify spending half an hour on it. And just so you know there is an Australian listening. Not one of the ones you mentioned though, one of the other Australians.

  26. I seriously laughed the whole time! I can’t wait until the next one comes out! OK, so, I may or may not be scarred for life, but it was totally worth it! Daniel, I really, really hope you aren’t fired. 🙂

  27. Am I the only one who feels slight…twinges of apprehension considering the general reception of this episode, when you consider that this is like, the only one meant to be comedy?

  28. Oh well. Writers cannot do anything without at least some comedy, so don’t worry about it. And it will be nice if we can have a good blend of comedy with pithy writing wisdom.
    Uh… you have some of that, right?

  29. “The Origin Of Canadians”
    or “The Origin Of Kingdom Pen”.
    And a tagline for someone else’s: “Never was a story of more whoa than this”
    No, I didn’t misspell that. 😉

  30. Isaiah D. Gray says:

    Loved this one guys. Can’t wait to be following this.

    For my title, I had to dig way into my canadian vocab.

    A moose kerfuffle.
    Ain’t learnin at moose school.

  31. Well Ladies and Gents, shall we move the party to the next topic over? We’ve got ourselves a brand spankin new episode to make fun of. 😛

    And we’ll be deciding the winner of the t-shirt content before too long as well. So, yerpers. That’ll be a thing.

  32. This should be packaged and sold as an instant cure for depression. Also, when I rule the world I will fund the saga of Moopley and co. Keep going guys. That was awesome.

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