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In the inaugural episode of Kingdom Pen Radio, Daniel and Ezra map out an ancient Canadian love story, bash Hunger Games, give away a t-shirt, recite a culturally inaccurate Canadian poem, and generally make a mess of whatever professional reputation this show was intended to have.  But hey, this is what writers at work look like.  Abandon expectations, all who enter here . . .


Kingdom Pen Radio will release new episodes every Monday from now until they strap Daniel onto a platform and lock him away in a padded room some 20,000 leagues under the sea.  Once that happens, episodes will premier on Tuesdays.



As you may have inferred from the all-caps two-word sentence above, this episode contains free stuff. If the aforementioned sentence was too much for your noggin, no worries. Allow us to translate: this episode contains free stuff.


Listen carefully for how you can be eligible to win said free stuff.


What you’ll learn in this episode:


  • Why some people didn’t like The Hunger Games
  • The four major plot points of every good story
  • Cookies can be a detriment to your writing life
  • How to write the ultimate Canadian love story
  • What a “Moose Man” is/was.
  • Canadians evolved from mooses*
  • Ezra Wilkinson really, really, really needs to join the Kingdom Pen Forum
  • Tom Hiddleston can pull-off antlers like it’s nobody’s business

Tom with antlers

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:


The One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum (or “Oyan” as it is affectionately called): It was actually on this student forum that Kingdom Pen got its start!

Lootcrate: Get your geek on!


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*This was completely and totally meant in jest. Kingdom Pen does not actually believe that Canadians evolved from mooses, nor do we accept the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. We also totally and completely understand that “mooses” is not a word, and that these majestic creatures, whether singular or plural, are referred to as “moose”. Thank you for understanding. DFTBA.