Kingdom Pen is Hiring!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a superhero? If so, then look no further, because Kingdom Pen is seeking additional writing team interns and a web developer to help with various site functions. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to apply. Don’t be intimidated by the application or those infamous “other people applying”!internshipfbshared

Descriptions of the positions and links to the application forms are listed below. All applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. That gives you just over a week to complete and submit your application. Skype interviews may be scheduled as needed. All positions are unpaid. You must complete your application to be eligible.

Writing Team Internship: 2-3 Openings

Would you like to work with a tight-knit team of Christian writers to create quality content and meet deadlines, improve your communication skills, expand and refine your writing abilities, and become a more active member of the Kingdom Pen community?

If so, the Writing Team Internship Program could be the perfect fit for you.

Monthly Responsibilities:
• Submit at least one written piece for publication (book review, short story, poem, article, etc.) by the deadline each month.
• Judge both monthly writing competitions: six-word-story contest and picture-prompt contest.
• Engage on social media, with the website, and in the forum (e.g. sharing Facebook posts, commenting on articles, and sharing writing advice).
• Complete one peer submission critique each month for another writing team member.
• Participate in the KP writing team Facebook group.

Minimum Job Requirements:
• Approximately 5-10 hours per month to dedicate to the writing team
• Some proficiency with writing (determined by writing samples enclosed in application)
• Good communication skills

Our Ideal Candidate:
• Flexibility on assignments and willing to lend a hand wherever needed
• Experience writing on a regular basis and/or for deadlines (e.g. newspaper staff, blogger, previously published by Kingdom Pen, etc.) and possessing time management skills in general
• Self-motivated (i.e. can meet deadlines independently)
• Passionate about Kingdom Pen and our mission
• Works well within a team

The writing team internship lasts for six months, from March to September, and has the potential to turn into a permanent position.

To apply for the writing team internship, click here.

Web Developer: 1 Opening

The Kingdom Pen team is looking to expand the ranks to include an official web developer. This individual will lead the charge on certain web-related initiatives, including converting the site to a responsive design, developing new functions on the site to accommodate new content, and more. We do not necessarily need a working professional, but we do need someone committed to excellence and learning new skills as needs arise. Check out the description below to see if you qualify!

Daily Responsibilities:
• Understand and modify current website layout (WordPress)
• Work with the KP staff to create mobile-friendly, responsive designs
• Develop new functions for the site and forum
• Continually update site to help build KP brand

Minimum Job Requirements:
• Basic knowledge of HTML and website design
• Working knowledge of WordPress CMS
• Can communicate ideas effectively
• Visually creative
• Knowledgeable about web development or willing to research potential solutions
• Commitment to spending an average of 5 hours a week on the website

Our Ideal Candidate:
• Proficient in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Muse, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc.)
• Proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
• Can take rough organizational goals and create working concepts to meet those goals
• Can create visual previews of new web designs and refine those visuals to accommodate feedback

To apply for the web developer position, click here.

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  1. I can’t wait to work with some new writing talent! 🙂 You’ll be challenged, but challenges always reap rewards in the long run. 😉

  2. I feel like this would be really cool and helpful for me, but I’m not sure… aagh. I don’t know. I’m not on the forum yet so I don’t know if that excludes me from the internship? And I’m Australian so eek I don’t knowww.

    • We already have a wonderful Canadian on our writing team (Sierra Ret), so I see no reason why we can’t have an Australian. 😉 All it would probably mean, at least copyediting-wise (my department), is that I would need to change some of your spellings to American, which wouldn’t be a big deal. 🙂

  3. I am being tempted to the point of pain right now 😛 I’m going to be working for my dad this summer and trying to finish some novels, then I think I’m taking some college level classes going into the next school year…. I REALLY want to do it. I’ll talk to my parents and see what I can fit into my schedule. I’m assuming pen names aren’t allowed in the application? (which would be sort of weird to have to create a new KP forum account 😛 )

    • We’d love for you to apply, Audrey! 😀 But we also wouldn’t want you to overextend yourself. 😉

      Weren’t you the one inquiring about editors a while back? This would be a great opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to work with two kinds of editors. Josiah is our astute content editor (he’ll critique your submissions and suggest any large-scale changes), and I’m a professional proofreader/copyeditor (I specialize in the nitty-gritty details, like grammar, word usage, and conciseness).

      Yes, you’ll need to provide your real name on the application, but if “Audrey Caylin” is the name you plan to go by as an author, I don’t think it would be a problem to continue using that name on the KP site if you’re accepted as an intern. (Josiah would need to verify this for certain though.) Our submission guidelines allow for pen names. 🙂

      • My mom just convinced me to apply xD I’ll start working on the application now. For the writing samples, what should I do if I haven’t published an “article” anywhere? I just have my blog, and I haven’t written a short story in years (though I intend to get back into writing them soon) 😛

        • Haha, good for her! 😉 As long as you think you can meet the time requirements for an intern, go for it!

          For the writing samples, basically we need something that will show what you’re capable of. So the samples don’t necessarily have to be items that have been previously published.

          • Should we submit only finished and polished samples of our work? I’m just wondering because I have lots of random scenes from books I have yet to write/complete.

          • Yes, finished and polished pieces would probably be best.

          • Cool. If I don’t end up having time to apply and all though, I’ll definitely start submitting articles on the monthly topics! How often do the internships run, or is it just once a year?

          • We always welcome more submissions! 😉

            In the past, we’ve opened up the internship program twice a year—once in the spring, and then again in the fall. I’m not sure whether we plan to continue that pattern perpetually, so Josiah would have to answer that. 🙂

          • @audrey-caylin Pen names are discouraged, but we won’t automatically reject them either. Depends on the situation. And yes, like Brianna said, we’re currently trying to open the program up twice a year. Can’t guarantee how long that pattern would continue, but it’s fairly likely that we’ll be opening up at least 1-2 slots come-October.

          • @aratrea I feel like I’m becoming an expert on when and when not to use a pen name xD I’d probably be able to easily link my pen name to a bio. 😉
            I have pretty ambitious writing plans for the summer, so I think it would be unwise for me to apply this time, especially since I wouldn’t be able to be around here as much as the internship requires. I’ll definitely consider applying next time though!

  4. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to apply!! Being a part of the writing team is more fun than you could ever imagine! 🙂 The KP staff is wonderful to work with and you get to do all sorts of fun stuff like swim in Sarah Spradlin’s never-ending confetti, get superpowers, and of course, learn a ton from both Brianna and Josiah and have your stuff featured on this fine website. Do the thing people! Apply!!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Just a quick question. In the application can you select multiple of the writing positions so that if you don’t get one you have the possibility of getting another one? Also, I’ve just found out about Kingdom Pen recently and am not currently a member. Is that a problem? This looks insanely cool and would be so helpful!

  6. Is there any age limit (or preferred age range) for applicants? (I’m 21) 🙂 Thanks!

  7. If only, I just don’t have the time right now.

  8. KayleighAnne E. Stanton says:

    If we got the internship would we still need a blog? I’m thinking about starting a blog but I’m not sure if I should or not… is it a good idea to have one (even with the internship or ESPECAILLY?) I’m working on building my platform- so that’s why I wondered. Oh, and my book review is coming out on KP soon- and I’ve already submitted my bio. But if I do start a blog would I be able to change my bio to include the link? Also, how long until you choose the interns? I know the applications close tomorrow night… but how long will it be until we know? And if we aren’t chosen- will you still let us know? I hope all of this makes sense lol 🙂

    • I presume this is regarding our previous conversations about building a personal brand? For building a personal brand, I would say it’s generally a good idea to have your own website, but it kind of depends on what your goals are and if you feel ready as an author to take that step or not. For the writing internship, we don’t require interns to already have their own website and base, although we may give preference to applicants who already have large followings.

      For writing interns, the bio template can always be updated to include blog links and that sort of information. For subscriber pieces, we would need to get that link before publication. Applicants can expect to hear back from us within two weeks after applications close (hopefully sooner than two weeks, but it can take us a while to sift between applications!) We will notify applicants if they have not been chosen for this round of internships.

  9. *packs confetti into packages and practices loud obnoxious welcome scripts*

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