Kingdom Cinema Q&A

qavideopinterestYou had questions. Now we have answers.

Well, we mostly have answers.

A couple answers may have gone far afield of the original question.

And Daniel may or may not have snuck a couple additional questions in because he was dissatisfied with our original question slate.

Either way, for those of you who wanted to see more of us outside the writing show or wanted to see an extended “credits scene” from us, here’s your chance.

Check out the video below and leave us your thoughts in the comments!


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Josiah DeGraaf started reading when he was four, started writing fiction when he was six and hasn’t stopped doing either ever since. After growing up with seven younger siblings, he eventually found himself graduated and attending Patrick Henry College, where he plans on majoring in literature with a minor in pedagogy (it’s a fancy Greek word for education).
Someday, Josiah hopes to write fantasy novels that have worlds as imaginative as Brandon Sanderson’s, characters as complex as Orson Scott Card’s, character arcs as dynamic as Jane Austen’s, themes as deep as Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s, and stories as fun as Wayne Thomas Batson’s. Plans for obtaining those impossible goals include listening to a lot of Hans Zimmer, ignoring college work so that he can find time to write, and avoiding coffee at all costs.
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  1. Bwahahaha! Love this. 😀
    Coming away thoughts from your most humorous video…
    – Actor Advice for Daniel – Keep practicing (i.e. keeping filming KP videos with Josiah provided he bribes you with chocolate because, ya know, real actors get paid :p)
    – A new KP logo Saving Older Brothers From Playing House
    – <3 your hair Anna! (if Daniel tries to say that it looks like bed head again, just let him know that it's actually factually a real popular style right now :D)

  2. Wow… you guys… I have no words…

    Hm… advice for Daniel on acting? Learn to modulate your voice. *nods* Yep, that’s it. Real actors portray boundless and ridiculously varied emotions using just their voice. XD

  3. I was laughing though this whole thing. And you should have slapped Daniel, Anna. 😉
    As playing house… That was hilarious. Except I have enough siblings that when I stopped playing with they they adapted new games and kept on playing. 😉
    As for chocolate, it’s too expensive to bribe actors with. Marshmallows was my lure of choice.

  4. This is hilarious. XD I am never disappointed when I tune in to y’all’s videos. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  5. So I actually just started watching these videos today… I watched, like, four of them. Great job, y’all. And Anna’s hair rocks. And Daniel totally should be an actor.

  6. Tiger Woods?

  7. This is absolutely hilarious. Tell Anna I totally believe she is the one keeping you two in line. That is my job as well with two older brothers. 🙂 And tell her she could have slapped Daniel again.

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