By Zelphia Peterson


Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”

I saw God in the trees today
I saw His fingers, stirring the boughs
Of the highest trees, but I searched in vain
To see the rest my eyes would not allow

I felt God in a breeze today
His gentle touch caressed my hair
I ran and felt the wind’s embrace
And that’s when I knew – God was there


I saw God in a field today
His feet swirled patterns in the grass
In the chattering sound of the leaves at play
In the running brook, I heard God’s laugh

I felt God in the sun today
His loving arms, His warm embrace
And as it crossed the blazing sky
I felt His light, His glowing grace

I saw God in the rain today
His tears that fell, His heart of pain
And as I watched the puddles grow
I felt Him cleanse me of my stains

I saw God in a child today
Their wide-eyed joy, they showed His face
Their innocent hearts his love reflected
A childlike trust, the purest faith

HeadshotZelphia Peterson is nineteen and a native of the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. Currently she lives with her parents and her sister as she completes her final year of college in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and pre-Physical Therapy. Since she wrote her first poem at a costume party in first grade, Zelphia remains fascinated by wordplay in poetry. For her, perfection is when rhyme, rhythm, and aesthetic sound serve the meaning behind the poetry.

She draws much of her inspiration from scripture and the natural wonders of creation, as well as human experience in general. In her free time, Zelphia enjoys making music in any form, reading voraciously, painting, archery, camping and backpacking with her family, chatting with her sister, and serving her church. She hopes to someday serve the Lord in another country by using her training as a Public Health worker or Physical Therapist.