By Zelphia Peterson

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us” (2 Corinthians 4:7).

All the lovely broken people

Knit together, now made whole

Shattered fragments shining brightly

Healed and clean, a living soul

Scattered pieces, roughened edges

Blackened bits and climbing cracks

Seen as perfect, loved as holy

So follow Him; no turning back

Crumbling bones and fragile hearts

The common dirt that men despise

Grit and sand and dust together

Made perfect in the Father’s eyes

Imperfect vessels rent asunder

Dashed against the callous ground

Flawed but mended, reassembled

The last made first, the lowly crowned

Split and splintered, spirits withered

Hopes destroyed and battles lost

Remolded in the Potter’s image

No price too great, love bore the cost

Fractured dreams and ugly scratches

Bleeding scars not fully healed

Through jars of clay, our earthen pieces

His glory shines, His love revealed

zelphia-petersonZelphia Peterson is twenty years old and a native of the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. Currently she lives with her parents and her sister as she pursues her master’s degree in Global Public Health. Ever since she wrote her first poem at a costume party in first grade, Zelphia has remained fascinated by wordplay in poetry. For her, perfection is when rhyme, rhythm, and aesthetic sound serve the meaning behind the poetry. She draws much of her inspiration from Scripture and the natural wonders of creation, as well as human experience in general. In her free time, Zelphia enjoys making music in any form, reading voraciously, painting, archery, camping and backpacking with her family, chatting with her sister, and serving her church. She hopes to someday serve the Lord in another country by using her training as a public health worker.