Have you ever struggled to know how to grow as a writer? Felt alone in your writing journey? Been tempted to quit because you don’t understand why your work keeps getting rejected?

Maybe you’ve scoured the internet for blog posts on writing tips. Maybe you’ve bought every writing book in existence. But that still isn’t enough.

Writers naturally feel frustrated when they find themselves still unpublished. Although many occupations have challenges, this one seems particularly unique to writers. Why is this the case?

Look at other professions. If someone aspires to become a concert pianist, they’ll enlist a teacher to help them hone their musical abilities. If someone wants to play a sport professionally, they’ll join a team early on to be trained by an expert coach. If someone plans to become a computer programmer, they’ll attend a school to learn from more experienced technicians.

In other words, they won’t just read articles and books about the topic. They’ll seek out skilled people to advise them, because they recognize the importance of personal coaching.

Why should fiction writing be any different?

Writers often lack the personal, one-on-one guidance that other vocations offer. We think this is a problem.

During high school, I had a writing mentor for three years who went through my book with me and showed me how to improve my writing. This helped me refine my writing more than anything else I did as a high schooler.

In college, I was part of a fiction-writing coaching group for only three months. Again, I learned more about how to compose solid fiction as a Christian than I did through other writing endeavors during my college years.

Writers need personal coaching as much as other professions. It’s simply difficult to find people with enough experience and time to take on students.

We intend to change that.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a new, one-on-one coaching program through Kingdom Pen. Here’s how it works.

We have three coaches on board: myself, the editor-in-chief of Kingdom Pen; Hope Ann, author of Burning Rose; and Brianna Storm Hilvety, a professional editor.

Students will sign up for a six-month period so we can work with them long enough to help them achieve measurable growth as writers. At the beginning of the coaching period, you and your coach will convene to figure out tangible goals you can aim to accomplish within those six months. This could be anything from learning how to edit your work effectively, to how to craft realistic and compelling characters, to how to weave your faith into your storytelling more powerfully. Then, your coach will work with you on your piece for one hour per week.

How this process will look depends on the coach. Some will communicate through email, where you’ll send your writing to them and they’ll return it with comments. Others will operate via phone/Skype, where they will orally walk you through how to craft engaging fiction. Each of our coaches have different strengths, so you’ll want to choose the one whose method and expertise best suits your needs.

However, we only have thirteen slots available—and we’re closing enrollment at midnight on December 21st. First come, first serve.

If you’ve read about how to write great fiction, but aren’t achieving those results yourself, we believe this could be the next step for you to mature as a writer.

Click here to learn more and claim your spot in the program. For our high school crowd, we recommend you pass this along to your parents to see if it’s doable for your family. And feel free to ask questions in the comments!