Today we’ve got a special treat for you! Our very ownย Haley Longย managed to run intoย Steve Laubeย at the One Year Adventure Novel conference earlier this year and get a video interview with him.

If you don’t know the name Steve Laube, you probably should. Laube has been a literary agent representing Christian books for several decades now, was named the AWSA Golden Scroll Editor of the Year in 2002, and also runs Enclave Publishing, which lists itself as “the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction.” If you’re interested in getting traditionally published in the Christian market in the future, especially if you’re interested in getting published in Christian sci-fi or fantasy, Laube is a must-know in the industry. I (Josiah) have been following his blog ( for close to eight years now and have found it to be tremendously helpful in understanding the publishing industry.

Because we had to do this on the spot at the conference, the video footage isn’t fantastic, but the content is superb. So check out our video interview with him below and let us know in the comments what you think! We’ll be releasing Part Two of the footage on September 22nd and Part Three on September 27th.