I, apprentice of storytelling

Seeking to hold the wind in a cage

Broken by trials unending

The world will not fit on my page

I, windkeeper, am searching for answers

How can I spread wide the truth?

Wisdom directs me to singers and dancers

And old men regretting their youth

For life is a joy and a pain and a yearning

And a man who learns best is constantly turning

With a spin from his Maker man goes round, round, round

And he rises the highest who falls to the ground

So this is the rule by which I shall practice

To strive for the things that I don’t understand

I shall feel in that thickest and foggiest blackness

A reassuring hand

I shall teach through delight

And delight in teaching

With words like a song

You shall hear me preaching

By words I will teach men

What words cannot say

For I am pierced by thoughts

That are far, far away

There is life in the world that I can’t comprehend

It gives life to wilted reeds, flight to bees

And strength to weakened knees

So I bow down before the Beginning and End

And I, the windkeeper, feel the wind in my hair