By Ingrid Dornbirer

With Jesus inside me,
I should be strange,
White against a sea of black.

With Christ in charge,
I should be lovely,
A rose among thorns.

With the Savior on my side,
I should be fearless,
Saying no when everyone says yes.

If the Comforter has rescued me,
I should be compassionate,
One who dries the tears of others.

If God is gracious,
I should be hopeful,
Knowing Iā€™m never alone.

If the Father loves me,
I should be alive,
Ready for whatever may come.

If my Redeemer lives,
I should be joyful,
Singing His praises.

If the Messiah is real,
I should be new,
Like polished silver.

If I am a child of the King,
I will be light,
A candle in the dark.

Ingrid DornbirerIngrid Dornbirer is a fourteen-year-old homeschooler. She lives with her parents, three sisters, and one brother near Columbus, Ohio in the country on a small farm. Her obsessions: JESUS (first and foremost); writing fantasy, short stories, and poems; acting (she performs with her family in community theater shows); singing; reading (mostly fantasy); drawing; dancing; and spending time outdoors and with her family. She hopes to become a published author when she grows up and is currently writing three novels, one with her sister, Greta.