I see you waiting,

Waiting there for me

With tears that flow like a river

And a heart that longs to be freeI See You Waiting Pnterest


I see you crying

Crying for a love

That holds your heart in chaos

And makes you his beloved


I see you searching

Searching for a hold

But you can’t see me here

Giving you a hope


I see you finding

Finding what isn’t me

You give your heat to another

Praying that he won’t leave


I see you screaming

Screaming late at night

At the world that has left you bruised

And buried you deep inside


I see you silent

No words are left to say

Nothing can describe your pain

For no one had come to stay


I see you drowning

Without a pleading cry

You think no one will love you

But child, you are mine


I see you standing

Staring up at me

Knowing that I’ve held your heart

And all those things, I’ve seen


I see you laughing

Heart filled with life

You see me here beside you

And you know that you are mine



This poem was inspired by a friend of mine who has recently been going through a really rough time in Public High School. While I haven’t communicated with her a whole lot, God has kept me praying for her, and has been continuing to give me glimpses of how much He loves her. So, this poem is through God’s point of view, which was a little difficult to write, but I believe I was able to at least capture some of the idea around how God sees an individual person struggling for something to believe in, while He’s been there the whole time, often not being seen.