By Greta Dornbirer


How can I hope,

To ever measure up?
How can I think,

That I could be perfect,

If only I tried enough?

How can I feel,

That I am good enough?

How can I?

I can’t measure up,

I’m not good enough,

God is holy, perfect,

I’m unworthy, a wreck.

Why would Jesus save me?

I, who always sin,

Always try and fail,

Always flee and fall,

Helpless on the ground.

“Work hard,” I say,

“I’ll make it someday.”

But I never do,

I always fail.

Though there be

No good in me,

Jesus loves me anyway.

His love catches me

When I fall.

Holds me

When I feel alone.

His love, everlasting,

Never ending,

Never failing,

Is astounding.

I stand, awe-struck,

Before the One,

Who saved my life,

God’s only Son.

How can I

Thank you enough?

I can’t.

But I will follow,

Never leaving,

Never straying,

The One who saved me from death.


IMG_1271Greta Dornbirer is a fifteen-year-old homeschooler. She lives in Ohio with her four younger siblings and her parents. Greta loves writing and is currently writing a novel with her sister, but she has not published anything yet. She has written fantasy and fiction so far, but she would love to try writing adventure and mystery.

Besides writing, Greta enjoys reading, acting, singing, going outside, and painting. When she grows up, she wants to become a published author. Greta blogs at