By Mackenzie Long

Hold me tight; don’t let me go,

Savior, through my trials and woe


Give me hope and give me light

That I might see through this dark night.

You’ve brought me through in times long past;

You are the Rock to which I cling fast.

You met me in my deepest pain,

Calmed the storm and stopped the rain.

You said, “My child, please trust my hand,

Though now you may not understand

This time of suffering you must face

To know the depths of my rich grace.

Don’t question why, just trust my will;

I’ll be your Rock and Shelter still.

I’ll hold you tight, don’t fear the storm;

Under my wing, you will stay warm.”

MacKenSONY DSCzie Long is an unashamed coffee-addict and country girl who is perfectly content alone in the woods sitting alongside the creek that runs through her property, listening to the sounds of the water rushing over the rocks.

A homeschooled young lady of seventeen, she enjoys composing poetry, historical fiction stories, songs, and parodies (much to her family’s delight!).

Along with practicing her penny whistle, MacKenzie enjoys hanging out (and laughing) with her ten siblings, singing with her sisters, and learning about history.

She has recently developed an addiction to Agatha Christie books and is determined to solve at least one mystery before the murderer is exposed.