my name is

overwhelmed with sadness;

I’m tired of feeling like 

I’m worthless.

I’m spinning,



tales of greatness,

when inside I’m




How can I–

How can I–

fix this 

before it’s over. 

But I can’t

fix this heart

beating in my chest

that reminds me that I’m


and each breath I take

is labored with 

one thousand regrets

and one thousand scars.

I’m distant,

and in their eyes, 

I’m taller,



than I’ll ever be.

And in my heart,

I’m on my knees,

crying because I can never be

who they need me to be,

or not to be. 

I’m stranded in a sea of glass,

and He holds me,

scolds me because

He loves me,

laughs as He tells me

I’ll never out run Him. 

And I’m overwhelmed

with love I don’t deserve,

with destiny I can’t bear,

and I don’t have to.

This mask I’m wearing,

it’s all you’ve ever known,

and can you still love me

when you’ve touched my scars,

when you’ve seen my darkest places.

Will you still follow me

if you see that I’m 




I can’t help loving you;

but will you love me?

And how can I cross this bridge

if you keep returning

my mask, is marked with

one thousand lies

and one thousand roles;

automated because I know

the real me isn’t what you

want me to be.

I’m different now;

a little more broken,

a little sadder,

but the mask’s gone now,

and I still love you.

Can you love me, too?

He took my mask;

He’s making all things new.

Will you join me,

will you sing with me

this broken song of love and praise?

No longer marked for death;

no longer bound by sin.

This is me,

the broken me,

the screwed up me,

the healing me,

the forgiven me,

the me I’ve always wanted to be.

Imperfect, human, lost,

redeemed, restored, perfected in Christ.

Orphaned, worthless, hated,

beloved, treasured, chosen.



my name is


Sarah SpradlinSarah Spradlin is an inquisitive and imaginative individual who is passionate about not only communication and language, but also about Jesus Christ and His people. Sarah dreams, perhaps a little naively, that one day she will be a widely known Christian author who spends her time writing, responding to fan letters, and secretly being a vigilante on the side. But since that isn’t anactual career path, she hopes to use her ability to wield words as an ambassador for Christ and for her country. Sarah is currently seventeen years old and a senior at Madison County High School: a relatively small, “country” High School in rural Georgia. She currently plans to attend college at the University of Georgia and major in Agricultural Communications, and eventually pursue a career with the United States Foreign Service.