“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”  – John 1:5


By Deborah Rocheleau

The darkness was great

darkness so ancient, the days could not be counted

since light had touched the world, 

for there had been no day since that time.

Only wandering stars and tangled


to offer guidance


And then, a pale glow across the world

from somewhere above a beacon, a light

not just another high example of purity

a moon which rose quietly from the horizon

and lit the world in white, a light

vaguely familiar

and brilliant.


It cast shadows in the night,

gleaming in eyes that had never seen light

yet the world could not accept the moon as it had the sun

and perhaps hated it for its likeness

and this pristine, alien being

became a symbol

of the night 

and the darkness.    


And as their contempt for it grew,

the darkness of the Earth

touched that round disk

first a sliver, now a half

the shadow spread

as did their complacency

until the moon was gone

and it was dark again, the stars flickering


Yet it was not the same

for in the light the

world had seen the darkness

and without the light

they saw it still.


And in that night the stars

did not seem splendorous

or able to illuminate as the sun had

as the moon had in its life

for so long they had forgotten the day

but now could not

for dawn was coming.


For in the people was light, there was life

light like a star, like a distant moon

that shown so close like a candle

it came from within them

and burned

and caught


It was a light they had never dreamed of

like a fire they had never felt

and the darkness could not bear

could not hope to fight

fueled by their hope

the hope of morning.


And as their light grew

something familiar crept over the horizon

a great Star, their Star

and in it, the light of the sun, and that of the moon

and all imitations of hope crumbled in the glow

and were replaced

with the genuine.


And somewhere, past the countless worlds

of planets dancing round their stars

upon the limitless horizon

where once was darkness

a brilliance beyond compare




And planets dying of despair saw their stars fade

fade in the wave filling everything

all the darkness of the universe

could not compare, would not overcome

as the night could not

despair could not

and as the Sun shown

so did the moon

and so did the people

and so did we.