I can hardly believe that I started working for Kingdom Pen 4 years ago! It has really been an incredible 4 years, and I know that with support from you, and the rest of the Kingdom Pen community, the future will be even better!KP Birthday

Last year, when Kingdom Pen turned 3, I talked about Kingdom Pen’s past, and posted a link to our very first issue. This year, I want to talk about the future.

What do you want Kingdom Pen to be?

You may or may not have noticed that we have added a “roadmap” to our website. The roadmap shows you our “penciled in” goals for the next year. We are planning on holding more contests, getting the forum back up, starting up the eMag again, and much more!

We want your feedback though! Tell us what you think. Would you like to see us accomplish the goals we have? Do you have other ideas for how Kingdom Pen can improve? What do you want Kingdom Pen to be?


Interested in seeing where KP is headed in the future? Here is our roadmap. Nothing is set in stone, but these are the goals we would like to try and accomplish. These are just our ideas, but we want to do what YOU, our subscribers, want. Do you like or ideas? Any you don’t like? Do you have any other ideas for how Kingdom Pen can improve? Please leave a comment or send us an email (kingdompenmag@gmail.com) with the subject line “Roadmap” and let us know!



  • Begin Your Novel writing contest

Currently running. Have you submitted your entry yet? There are only 5 days left to enter, and all it takes is the opening paragraph from your novel. Enter and you could win up to $100! You have nothing to lose and much to gain! Click here to learn more!


  • KP Spotlight

Once a month, we would like to interview a Kingdom Pen subscriber about their journey as a writer. We would like to be able to create a simple system where KP members who would like to be featured could opt-in and be scheduled for an interview.


  • Forum back up and running

Get our beloved forum back up and running after we had to close it down upon getting hacked.


  • KP Columnist

Want to become a regular KP article columnist? We want to be able to create a system that would allow trusted KP members to log-in to Kingdom Pen and write articles for the Kingdom Pen community.

  • Writing contest

Host another writing contest.


  • Kingdom Pen Album Introduction

Start creation of a music album using the poems and music submitted by Kingdom Pen subscribers.


  • Sponsor page

Have a business or blog that you want to let the KP community to know about? Become a Kingdom Pen Sponsor!


  • Writing contest

Host another writing contest


  • KP Community Map

Allow KP members to opt into a community map, displaying the general locations of other Kingdom Pen subscribers to help Kingdom Pen writers get connected.


  • KP Merch

Want a KP T-shirt?


  • Writing contest

Host another writing contest.


  • Publish eMag

Resume publication of the Kingdom Pen e-Magazine.

Unscheduled Goals:

  • Kingdom Pen Publishing House

Eventually, we would like to build a book publishing wing onto Kingdom Pen. The larger we grow, the more likely that one day we will be able to begin taking book submissions, both fiction and non-fiction, for professional publication and sale.

  • Kingdom Pen Authors Store

A store on the Kingdom Pen website featuring all of the Kingdom Pen subscribers who have a book for sale. This way, readers can easily find the books written by their fellow KP members.

  • Kingdom Pen Radio/Podcasts

An internet radio station devoted to talking about media, the culture, and to answer questions about writing any listeners might have.

  • Kingdom Pen TV

A Youtube show for writing tips and to display Christian stories by Kingdom Pen subscribers presented via film.

  • Kingdom Pen Workshop

Gather together with fellow Kingdom Pen writers for a time of writing encouragement, instruction, and friendship


The reason these goals are unscheduled is that we either lack the time, funds, and/or manpower to accomplish them. If you would like to see these ideas become a reality, then get involved! You can make a difference in the future of Kingdom Pen, and the culture around us.