By Michaela Bush

There is a voice that stays deep inside,
It’s something enormous I can’t seem to hide.
The quiet whisper, the thrill of joy,
No one can possibly think to destroy.

I follow this whisper from day to day,
And it shows me every single way
I can become the person God intended—
The person within me that’s so very splendid.

I know it’s right, the voice I follow,
For every day, even through the morrow,
I seek this voice, this quiet murmur,
And God’s embrace grows around me firmer.

It may be hard, it may be a struggle,
All of the tasks I will have to juggle.
I might also stumble, fall, and ask why,
But You, oh Lord, hear my singular cry.

The call isn’t easy, to old times I might relapse,
But in the end, on the bed I collapse,
I wonder how the events, in the long haul,
Will show me the way—God’s infallible call.

IMG_4613This is the introvert who finally found her voice. Michaela Bush is a Christian, blogger, writer, and equestrian. She enjoys spending time with family and her horses, writing and reading (of course!), and hanging out with her church youth group. She is currently going to college to become an English teacher and has self-published two works: Welcome Home (Faith, Hope, and Love: Book 1) and Everything I Never Said: A Short Story & Poetry Collection.