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    Emily D

    Hi fellow writers,

    Do any of you have some good writing websites (Christian) that you could recommend to me other than KP?


    Emily D

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    Holly Nelson-Gray
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    Brandon Miller

    I honestly haven’t spent a lot of time on the website, but the Go Teen Writers book was amazing, so In would check that out if I were you. Other than that, my favorites are forgingofstories.blogspot.com and woodlandquill.com (Which may or may not be my own blog. # shamelessselfpromotion). Also, I’ve just started following helpingwrigersecomeauthors and it’s great. Oh, and author Nadine Brandes’ blog is great, but not alwAys about writing.

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    I’ll second Woodland Quill and Helping Writers Become Authors. Storymonger is also good and is run by a guy who used to write for KP 4-5 years back, but the site is no longer being updated so you’ll need to read the archives: http://thestorymonger.com/ Similar thing with Bryan Davis’ website; he’s still posting critiques, but to get his writing advice you need to go into the archives: http://www.theauthorschair.com/ I also enjoy the Steve Laube Agency blog, but it’s 1/3 publishing advice, 1/3 random stuff, and 1/3 writing advice: https://stevelaube.com/blog/

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    Emily D

    Thanks all. I will definitely check those out!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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