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    Last night I happened upon the following quote on Pinterest, which I believe is worthy of commemoration and rumination. I’ve added it to my bottomless pile of quotes that I hope to eventually convert into graphics for KP’s social media channels. 😉

    Writing is like having an enormous lake inside your head, and you want to get it out of your head and into a proper place for a lake so people can go swimming and ride jet skis and stuff. Except all you have to move the lake is a teaspoon. So you’re sitting there frantically flinging water out of the lake with your teaspoon and shouting to people, “This lake will be so cool when it’s done!” But it will never be done. There is too much lake.

    I sent the quote to a close friend of mine, who responded to it in her usual witty fashion (and I have her permission to share this):

    Day 21 of Operation Novel Creation: It has been another productive day of water-flinging…I think I may have a sizable puddle by 2025. Given another decade, perhaps there will be enough water in the puddle for a decent splash. Ah, yes. I knew water-flinging was the job for me. And how fortunate to make enough money from my water-flinging to be able to buy food for my goldfish. He seems to enjoy watching me fling water. I think it inspires him. I plan to fling 500 teaspoons of water tomorrow. If nothing else, I will at least free-fling and see what comes of it.

    Now that I have successfully interrupted your day, you may return to your regularly scheduled water-flinging. 😛

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    @theliterarycrusader SO true. Maybe my water-flinging will be enough to create a sizable puddle one day. I’m headed off to do some more water-flinging. 😛

    And how fortunate to make enough money from my water-flinging to be able to buy food for my goldfish.

    This is pure comedic gold. Tell your friend she should write comedy. 😛

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    Christi Eaton

    @theliterarycrusader, Brianna, this is beautiful. I appreciate this on a deep and spiritual level. 😛


    @jess Incidentally, this same friend once wrote a comedic short story about a snake who goes to college. It was titled “The Slithering Seismologist.” 😛

    @christi-eaton You sound like Sarah. XD I’ve heard her use that phrase before.

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    Christi Eaton

    @theliterarycrusader I actually said that one before I met Sarah, but there are a great many phrases we have stolen from each other. 😀 I guess it comes with Skyping a lot and now being her new apprentice 😉 😛

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    Hannah Carmichael

    I kind of want to just refer to all of my writing today. “So how was your day? do anything productive?”
    “Well… I pretty much just floated around in my lake that I should be moving, but you know… I’ll get around to it.”


    @watersnail HAHAHAHA! I do that sometimes too. 😉 Mostly I have trouble with rocks (writer’s block) though. I try to scoop out the water and instead I end up with a spoonful of pebbles. On a good day I manage to fling out a drop or two along with the pebbles. 😛

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    Jane Maree

    @theliterarycrusader goodness. XD This was a good laughing start to my day. *goes to start on some water-flinging*

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    Jenni Grace

    @theliterarycrusader Zikers, this is writing in a nutshell! XD I love it!
    I just wish I was to the point where I was actually flinging drops. I’m stuck on deciding my plan of attack, so to speak. Oi. XD

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    This is too funny. I’d venture to say that I’ve never read anything that describes my writing habits as accurately as this does.

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    Dragon Snapper

    @theliterarycrusader Yeah…when I brainstorm, it’s almost like there is a storm over my lake, crashing waves over to the shore, water-flinging ideas into buckets. 😛

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    Kate Flournoy

    @TheLiteraryCrusader YESSSSSSSSSSSSSYESYESYESYES! This is perfect on every possible level. :’D Thank you for sharing. I’m inspired. XD

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    @TheLiteraryCrusader someone has done it. someone has finally described the entirety of my pathetic writing career in one post. *applauds*

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    I love this. So much. Please move it to the top of your bottomless pile of graphic ideas so that I can plaster it across every social media platform I have. More people need to understand the importance and serious business of water flinging 😀

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    Yes, definitely! @sierra-r

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