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    (warning: long post ahead. proceed with caution)

    Some of you may have commented on my book blurb for book 1 of my trilogy Guardians of Airos. I appreciate your honest opinions very much, because it’s hard for me to step away from my work to see it for what it is, so getting outside input helped tons. But I’m sure if I’m going to write this idea next. I think I need to take a break from it, because I’ve been thinking too hard too long about it and I don’t want to end up hating it. So I’m just taking a little break. I’ll focus on reading some writing books, doing some courses, and considering a different book ideas.

    But I can’t decided which idea to go with next. So out of these ideas, tell me which one you think I should go withΒ (note: these are very rough beginnings)

    #1 (contemporary/fantasy) When a family moves to a large piece of property, the three kids find a portal to a fantasy world (I realize the portal thing is kinda cliche though)

    #2 (Christian contemporary) When pop singer Paige Ashford breaks up with her partner and her parents leave on a cruise, she’s sent to spend the summer with an uncle she’s never met. Things are a lot different than she’s used to on the ranch, including hard work and things she discovers about herself and God

    #3 (futuristic) It’s a time when being a Christian is illegal. Bibles are burned in public and all citizens are commanded to turn over anyone who is or has helped a Christian. When MC’s best friend seems to sympathize with the Believers and then goes missing, MC has to decided what she believes, who she will follow.

    #4 (contemporary) A girl is tested and experimented on by a scientist to create a superhuman that he can use to accomplish any task he wants. Her memories wiped and she has a robotic obedience to the ‘voice in her head’ (antag uses an earpiece to control her). But she begins to wonder about her family and the hurt she’s causing other people.

    #5 (contemporary) An orphaned teen gymnast acquires superpowers at her own doing (This is nothingness right now really)

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    @jenwriter17Β  *scratches chin* *grimaces (these claws, ya know)*


    I like all of them… I’m sort of leaning on #2, the Christian contemporary. It sounds powerful. But I also really like #3 because it just fascinates me how Christianity spreads even in places like that. #4 would make a good short story πŸ™‚

    Yeah, #3 πŸ™‚

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    First of all, those last two would be classed as sci-fi rather than contemporary. Just saying so that you know, calling them contemporary gave me the wrong idea.

    However, I personally like #3 and #4 best. The idea of the persecuted church is always fascinating and its where the sequels to Stars Fill Infinity are going, so I’d love to see your take on it. #4 sounds like it could have some really good themes on morals and free will.


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    @dekreel @seekjustice Thank you for your votes, good citizens! 😊

    realized i spelled it wrong, so I’m retagging @itisastarrynight

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    I love those ideas. All of them.

    If you’re looking to pick one though…um… yikes. I was just trying to decide this for myself, actually.

    And I’m horrible at making decisions on this stuff.

    So throwing my vote, #2 and #3.



    Sam Kowal
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    @jenwriter17 πŸ˜› Well, of course it all depends on which one you feel like you have most inspiration and ideas to write. Those are some great ideas, though. 3 and 4 are especially interesting-sounding.

    I would go for 3 or 4. The futuristic sci-fi of them sounds like a great setting, and there seems to be a lot of space for tough choices and contemplation for the characters. If this was me, probably 4 first and maybe 3 later. Anyway, great ideas πŸ˜€

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    @jenwriter17 I like #4 most for what sounds like an exciting read, but #5 actually fascinates me the most. It would depend on what your MC is like, but I think that could make an amazing book.



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    @jenwriter17 Hands down, #4 and #5



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    @jenwriter17 My vote is for #4. They have all piqued my interest, but #4 has got me very curious.


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    @jenwriter17 Taking a break sounds like a good idea (I’ve done that before and it always helps). πŸ™‚

    I vote for #3 and #4 since they sound very intriguing and exciting.


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    @mariposa @daeus @dragon-snapper @skredder @radically-surrendered @sam-kowal Wow, #3 and #4 seem to be stealing the show! Thanks for your votes guys πŸ˜‰


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    @jenwriter17 OO, they all sound good… but I have to say #3 and #4 are my favorites. Do you have one you are especially interested in?

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    @daughteroftheking I think I especially like #2-#5……..oh, that’s pretty much all of them. 😜Thanks for your vote!


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    #3 and #4 sound pretty cool. Maybe you could combine them? Like the missing friend from #3 could become the girl in #4 after she goes missing.

    Honestly, though, I think all of them have potential.

    Feel free to disregard any and all writing advice given. It's mostly just my opinion anyways.


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    @waterlily Hmm, combine them? That’s an idea……

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