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    Allison Grace
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    I was just watching the free episodes on theme and learned few things. Such as, what I thought was my theme was really my message. But now I have a question. Can I have two themes? I’m thinking treasure and family. I can give more information if that would be helpful.

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    @allison-grace I think that having two themes is okay. I, for one, think that treasure and family would be fine together. Those are just my thoughts, though.

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    Allison Grace
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    OK, thanks @emily.

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    @allison-grace Absolutely. This is something we cover in our Theme Mastery course.

    The one thing you need to understand is that 98% of the time, one of your themes will the the primary theme. You can have other themes that are very very important to your story, but generally these themes will be “supporting” themes to the main theme.

    So I would encourage you to try to pick out which theme is going to be your major theme, but if, by a big chance, you happen to have two primary themes, you still need to think about how they compliment each other, because no major themes should be unrelated.

    Hopefully this made sense. 🙂



    Jane Maree
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    @allison-grace as Daeus said, two themes is absolutely fine as long as one is the primary theme and one is supporting.

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    @allison-grace I was just working on the themes for my sequel, so I can compare my two theme-experiences.
    For my first book, I wanted to have way more than one theme. In fact, I had nearly seven-ish themes. Then, I cut it back down to two. Although I managed to make them work, I found it extremely difficult to tackle. Now, I’m just working with one theme and everything is running together coherently. Each character relates into the one theme.
    However, if you’re up for it, feel free! The saying is true, after all. The sky is the limit. (though come to think of it, NASA has far outdone that limit. XD Thanks Voyager!) Anyway, yep.
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    Kate Flournoy
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    @allison-grace *sniffs* They already said it all.
    I’ll just second what @daeus said; you can have as many themes as you think will work, so long as they’re all related and complement each other. For instance, if your primary theme is honesty, your supporting themes could be telling the truth in love and/or telling the truth even when it’s ugly. Something that broadens or deepens your primary theme.
    It’s a lot of fun, actually. 😉

    Allison Grace
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    Thanks everybody!

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