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    Ah yes. The famous re-introduction, which has now become customary for those bumbling henchmen who say hello, hang out in the forum for a bit, and disappear.

    I’ve been a part of the KP forum for perhaps nine months. I absolutely love the site. But I vanished off the face of the kingdom about three months ago. I kept meaning to return, but haven’t, partly because I still feel like a stranger.  Even though I have ascended to a Loyal Sidekick somehow?

    So-I had the brilliant (or not so brilliant, as the case may be) idea to re-introduce myself.

    I used to primarily write fiction, but now I divide my writing time on nonfiction, learning to write poetry, and nonfiction, spending a slight majority of my time on nonfiction. I recently started a blog with the vision to encourage hurting hearts to open their eyes to the hope in Heaven, the beauty in life, and the little joys filling the space between. wildrosejournal.com I’m hoping to coral some of you lovely poets and storytellers who have faced hardships into guest posting over there. @cindy-green

    My name (Bethany) means “bright city on a hill.” I hope my writing becomes just that—my words of hope and beauty a bright gathering place and my words of longing a signpost to Heaven’s future glories. My calling dawned on me gradually, during a season when I struggled to see the glitter in the gloomy March landscape. I found lacing my words together to form a coherent meaning was exhilarating. Lately, I hole up in my nook to write stories, poems, and essays or study storycraft. I still have much to learn, but I am blessed to serve with my words!

    If you remember me from before, you may notice that I changed my tag slightly, since my perfectly respectable name, a play on my love of old-fashioned pens and walnut ink, and my name, Rose, was disgraced by confusion. Instead of picturing the poetic image of a black rose, somehow “sinky roses” were seen. *face-sink* @mark-kamibaya

    If we haven’t yet met, see if you can guess my MBTI. I’m timing you by the kitchen clock.

    Finally, greetings, salutations, and PIG’S FOOT GOMPHUS! What is that behind you?

    Discipline is how Art becomes worship, and how Worship becomes art.


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    Does anyone know Cindy’s tag, by the way? 😐

    Discipline is how Art becomes worship, and how Worship becomes art.


    Kate Flournoy
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    @bethanysinkyroses heyyyyyyy, welcome back! I was wondering where you went. 😀

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    @bethanysinkyroses  Welcome back to the Bestest Place in Cyberspace!!! I’m Dekreel. I’m pretty new here, but as you can tell from my rank I have been quite active. Basically I’ve taken over the forum… Anyway, nice to meet you! 😀

    Cindy’s tag is @cindygreen

    Can I just say that Bethany is one of my favorite names?! I love it! And a very fitting meaning, too 🙂

    Pig’s foot WHAT?!  Ummm… The wall. The wall is behind me 😛

    INFP? There are a lot of those here….

    Pronounced DEE-kreel. ENFJ -T (or am I an ENFP...?)


    Mariposa Aristeo
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    Hi @bethanysinkyroses! I remember you (Aberdeen has been asking where you’ve been). 😃

    I’m guessing you’re an INFP.

    We’re elated to have you back! *throws confetti*


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    @bethanysinkyroses Welcome back! I’m bad at guessing MBTI. 😊 @shannon can usually do it, but I don’t know how accurately…*looks at sister suspiciously* Glad to see you back again!

    Title: The Perfect Grammatacallion


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    BETHANY! *hugs* I’ve missed you!

    *jumps in an X-Wing and blows something up*


    Aislinn Mollisong
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    @bethanysinkyroses Hey! I remember you! I’m Aislinn, in case you forgot. And….um…there’s a lot of stuff behind me, including a piano, a closet, a couch, some guitars, and a sombrero on the floor. *womders where that came from*

    What is a Pig Foot Gomphous?

    Signed, Aislinn of Aethasia.


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    Hey yourself! @kate-flournoy

    Trompette de la Mort! You HAVE been active, @dekreel ! *long beady stare* Thou wilt merge into another Chosen One before I have reached me Knight’s status. (Does anyone know how to *actually* talk medieval slang…?)

    Awww, thanks, Dekkie. (Can I call you that?) I love my name too.

    Well, long story short, I love mushrooms. (Eating, foraging, studying, selling to chefs who pay…lots of money for them.) There’s a mushroom which is colloquially called Pig’s Ear Gomphus. I think it looks more like a fancy pig’s foot. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/gomphus_clavatus.html These pictures don’t show the pig’s foot/ear aspect. @aislinn-mollisong

    I use it as an expression.

    INFP? Well, actually, I used to test as an ENTP. Out of curiosity, I retested, knowing I have seen major shifts in my personality lately. I’m an ENFP. I’m weird; I LOVE being alone. I spend hours at my desk or dancing in my room. But I also enjoy being with people. Yet my world is within, not without, so TECHNICALLY, I should be an INFP.


    @mariposa *picks confetti out of air* *inspects it* Oooo, shiny.

    @cindygreen *hugs you back* Missed you too! What an appropriate signature.

    Hello, Aislinn. I don’t recall where we met, but I believe you! 😀

    YOU GUYS. She has a SOMBRERO on the floor.

    NONE of you noticed what is REALLY behind you. You see, on the last three days of the year, if you turn around at just the right time, a portal will open into the past or the future. There is no telling what you’re unwittingly getting yourself into. But, adventuresome one, go forth and conquer! (Or take that premise and write a prompt. You pick.)

    Anyways, on to more serious stuff. Is there still a prayer chain going on here? Anything I should pray for?

    Discipline is how Art becomes worship, and how Worship becomes art.


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    @bethanysinkyroses  That’s kind of a scary thought, actually. Me — A Chosen One…

    Dekkie?! Ohhhh, mayybbeeee. As long as nobody else calls me that XD

    I’m an ENFP too! Well… I guess I’m also an ENFJ. It depends…

    I like you already! 😉

    Pronounced DEE-kreel. ENFJ -T (or am I an ENFP...?)


    Ben P.
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    @bethanysinkyroses Welcome back!

    I haven’t been on here long enough to remember you, but for some reason you sound EXACTLY like a character in a book I just read. (Daryl from the Time echoes trilogy by Bryan Davis.) I guess your writing style is similar to the way the author wrote that character. (Fortunately, she was one of my favorite characters. 😉 )

    Anyways… hi. Sounds like a cool blog. Wait, you’re a mushroom forager? Cool. My family always goes and picks morels in the spring. Those things are amazing! Oh, and there is a partially-constructed R2-D2 behind me at the moment.

    Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong. -Luke Skywalker


    Sam Kowal
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    @bethanysinkyroses 😀 Welcome back

    I’m pretty new here, so I don’t even remember you, but… Stan says Hi

    (Stan is my dragon pal. When he was little, he was a runt. So his momma threw him out the nest (dragons do not value small stature in their society)

    So I rescued him, and now he’s my pal.

    😀 That’s Stan behind me, actually. He’s spiky, and orange. And trying to breathe  a flame to show you, but not really managing

    *Giarstanornarak tries to melt chair*


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    @bethanysinkyroses  Oh, and yeah! There’s a whole topic for prayer requests!

    Pronounced DEE-kreel. ENFJ -T (or am I an ENFP...?)

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