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    What needs to be done to resurrect Classical and improve it?
    My suggestions:

    1. A culture AGAINST absolute historical authenticity must develop, one that does not destroy historically informed and score-strict musical practice but rather provides an alternative and challenges the norm. My theory is that a broader licence of creativity will attract more performers and listeners.

    2. Less experimentation and more shameless populism. We have a weird dichotomy between the fascism of performance practice and the wild unfettered crap that is modern composition. Originality and novelty should not be the be all and end all of composition, some bloody accessibility is called for I think.

    3. Classical needs to bring its expertise more to different genres of music and learn from them in return. I have a dream of a world where There are Grunge preludes Bashed out on the Piano, Metal Arias Sung in grand Dark operas, Pop singers can actually sing in tune because they have been classically trained, Violins play blues Concertos with orchestras and more…
    4. Elitism must be destroyed.
    So, what are your thoughts?


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    @donnieclark I take it you’re new to KP. Welcome! You have some interesting ideas and I can see where you coming from. I being a violin player understand a little of the complete historical autheticity and elitism. Do you like any genres besides Classical?

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    @donnieclark Yes, I think that modern classical music is sometimes a bit… odd. It sometimes feels like a composer was working out a new musical “theory” and the finished piece is his “equation,” merely a collection of notes that look good on paper and are theoretical genius but musical randomness. Film scores and bands such as the Piano Guys are good, though. It would be great if other genres used classical influences more.

    And welcome to the great Kingdom of the Pen!

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