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    Jackson Graham
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    Alright. In one of my future story ideas, there is…

    A strong female character.

    She belonged to a group of outcasts, and was exiled for her violent behavior and extreme independence outside of the group.

    Is this cliche? I need insight!

    Jackson E. Graham


    Kate Flournoy
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    @warrioroftherealm no character is ever cliche if they are approached as a person with a logical reason for being who and where they are in life. It sounds like this woman has a very good reason for being ‘strong’.

    At the same time, I think ‘strong woman’ is frequently misunderstood or misinterpreted. A strong woman is not a masculine woman. A strong woman is the woman that has the strength to keep being a woman in the hardest of times. She may have to learn masculine skills, yes. Fighting. Tracking. Hunting. Endurance. But that doesn’t mean she has to remake herself into a man to survive. They’re just skills she has to learn, and yes, they probably will make her mentally tougher. But she will still have the heart and emotions of a woman.

    Mark Kamibaya
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    Only if you make it cliche. Cliche means it’s overdone. It’s something the audience has seen before. It’s predictable. So, sure, go ahead and start with a “cliche” premise. But as the story progresses make it unpredictable. Then those surprising moments will be what the audience will remember. Not your “cliche: premise.


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    She can be a stereotype on the outside without being one on the inside. If she isn’t a POV character, maybe she could have someone she can confide in.


    Emma Flournoy
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    What they said.

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