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    Dragon Snapper

    1. finish theme work and planning
    2. finish first ten chapters by summer
    3. finish most of book my sept.
    4. read classics

    And this is a test, so sorry that my goals are so succinct.

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    Dragon Snapper

    These are my nicer, more polished goals. 😛
    In retrospect, I was able to complete my first novel (yay) but that was really my only goal. Here, I have a lot!
    Since I’ve just begun my second novel, I’d like to finish planning out all the theme work and the scenes and the chapters. By summer, and after all this planning, I’d like to make it through the first five to ten chapters. By september, I’d prefer to be halfway through, hopefully all the way so that I can try NaNoWriMo.
    For reading, I want to read more than nothing. I’ve read about three books in two months, and my writing is suffering greatly in turn.
    How do you manage to find time to read and to write, @daeus ? 😉 Like most of you, I want to read some classics The LotR, the Hobbit, Treasure Island, Beric the Briton, Pilgrim’s Progress, and a whole lot more.

    I’ll start off with that and hope I can do it.

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    Dragon Snapper

    Ah, now it shows up! Sorry, all.

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    @dragon-snapper Well, I’ve graduated from highschool and I’m not in college and I’m not doing many activities. That should explain a lot. 😉

    As for reading, I read from 9-11pm every night.

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    Audrey Caylin

    This is awesome (and terrifying xD)

    Hmm…my Spring goals would be:

    Edit one novel with beta-reader notes
    Edit the sequel and go through it with my alpha
    Outline the last book in the trilogy
    Complete world-building for a fantasy trilogy (maybe)
    Submit a short story and maybe an article to Kingdom Pen (been on my list forever :P)
    Finish an article for somewhere else that is due by May

    Read Harry Potter (just because everyone’s read it and I haven’t. And even if I don’t like it, at least I’ll know what Ravenclaw is xD)
    Beta read a novelette and a novella
    Maybe get my hands on some of K.M. Weiland’s writing books, but since I’m a cheap bookworm, that’s unlikely.

    *glances at list* *stares wide-eyed* I’m going to be busy 😛

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    Dragon Snapper

    @daeus 9 to 11! I think I would go blind by reading that long! Wait, maybe that’s my problem. *note to self: set aside time to read* 😛
    @Audrey-caylin Don’t worry, I haven’t read Harry Potter, and I have no idea what Ravenclaw is, except for the thing at the end of a Raven’s foot.

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    R. J. Wordsmith

    Let me see, my goals for Spring writing.
    1 Write ‘The Story of Kit Wraith’
    2 Rewrite ‘Sword of Vergonia’ again
    3 Edit ‘Candy McKraken’ and ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’
    4 Create the Drakhar culture

    As for reading I have Jane Eyre, Rob Roy, Sense and Sensibility, and several other classics on my list.

    Senior year is going out with a bang.

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    Mark Kamibaya

    My Spring goals are . . .

    -Finish detailed synopsis of my WIP (been trying to do this for four months already)
    -Catchup on beta-reading work that I need to do (there are too many to count)
    -Write more story-based articles on my blog (I’m a perfectionist when it comes to anything story-related. Thus the procrastination). I’m going for a one to one ratio for my blog articles
    -Read more fiction novels (I like my fiction in script/film form. Any book reading I do is normally nonfiction). My goal could be like a book every week or so.
    -Write at least five short stories (My stories tend to be super extensive. I need to learn to do short stories that are actually fulfilling. Not ones that feel like a Marvel movie i.e. setting stuff up for future stories)
    -Immerse myself in other genres (I’m already trying to do this, but I feel like I could do more. Yes, I realize this is a really general goal).

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    OOOOOO! I love goals! Is it too late for me to make some of my own?

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    Dragon Snapper

    @naomijackson Never to late to make goals. This topic has just begun. 😛
    BTW, welcome to the forum!

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    Aysia Serene

    @dragon-snapper you finished a novel?! *sends cookies* congrats! (wait, do dragons like cookies? *sends sheep*)
    Ehhhh, Harry Potter’s okay. It’s really good but there are other books I like more… (I’m being only slightly hypocritical, I’m currently switching back and forth between KP and reading a HP fanfiction my friend is writing xD)

    Goals…. man, I don’t know. I’m just trying to get through school >.< Maybe finish the rough draft of my WIP before school starts in the fall. That, and read more. A lot more.

    Profile photo of Dragon Snapper
    Dragon Snapper

    @aysia-serene Yes. We’s very proud, precious. Very happy. And I’ll take those cookies. 😛
    Sooo, what does KP stand for and what does HP stand for?? All I’m getting is Kingdom Pen and Harry Potter. (is that what they’re supposed to mean?)

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    Aysia Serene

    @dragon-snapper oops, yeah, you’re right. Kingdom Pen and Harry Potter xD
    Or Killing Princes and Happy Penguins, if you prefer.

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    Dragon Snapper

    Yay! I finished planning out the chapters/scenes in my WIP! Phase one complete!

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    @dragon-snapper Congrats! 😀

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