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    Dragon Snapper
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    Fall and Winter months are over, and that’s crazy, but its true. Just yesterday I made the Fall and Winter Goals topic. Or maybe that wasn’t yesterday, but either way, it feels like that.
    Well, I was able to complete my goal last time, finishing my novel before the appointed time, and since it worked so nicely last time, I figured I’d make another one for the spring. Also, you might have seen by the topic title that I included reading in this. I am a terrible reader. I should read more. I need to have a goal for reading. 😛
    You all ready for the next three months of writing! Yahoo!!! Keep your eye on the ball(point pen)
    @daeus @winter-rose @hannah-krynicki @northerner @overcomer @ethryndal @aysia-serene @jane-maree @rolena-hatfield @hope @jess @his-instrument @julia-r @perfectfifths @leumeister @graciegirl @kina-lamb @spradlin @r-j-wordsmith @alia @aella @audrey-caylin @sierra-r @gretald @mark-kamibaya @ingridrd Brandon-miller @sleepwalkingmk @writefury @let’s see how many people I can tag 😛
    And for those of you who have no idea what I meant by the Fall and Winter Goals topic, it was a fall and Winter goals gathering place where we posted our goals and our accomplishements up to that point. Overcomer started the Summer one, so this idea is technically hers.


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    Time to assess. I partially completed my Fall and Winter goal (wrote a first draft,) but my other goals (finish a previous draft, and edit it) kind of were left behind. But I didn’t have reliable internet for a month either, so….

    New Goals: Finish two complete drafts by September. (Crazy for me, but it’s summer, so I’ll have free time… hopefully.) And I want to read more classics. I’m not sure how many, but I’ve got Dickens, Austen, The Count of Monte Cristo, Les Miserables, etc on my list. We’ll see how many goals that are actually accomplished 😛


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    Goals for Spring, let’s see. (I approve of this idea. Doing things by quarters makes them so much more manageable than trying to plan out for an entire year.)

    –Does “survive this week” count? My sister had a music competition today (2nd place), has a rehearsal on Tuesday, concert on Wednesday, and then early Saturday morning we all go for a three-hour drive into the Cities to St Paul’s Cathedral for a concert. Not everyday that a tiny orchestra from the middle of nowhere (rural area) gets to perform in St Paul’s. Also, tomorrow, insurance rep. coming to bleed 3/4 of my family. Literally. And we don’t like needles.
    –Survive school. I’m shooting for the Dean’s List again, because it makes getting scholarships so much easier, and this fall I could really use a schol. or two.
    –Get the first part (of three) of my novel out to beta-readers. Should be doable, barring catastrophes.
    –Rewrite some more scenes — at a minimun,scenes plural — in time-travel-historical novel. Poor thing’s been seriously neglected for far too long.
    –Read something other than material required for school.
    I don’t think I dare add anything, in case I end up having heaped my plate too high.


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    Goals? What are goals? XO


    Kate Flournoy
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    Finish the second draft of my WIP, run through it one more time, and send it out to beta readers. Also write a novella. (Yes. The same novella I put int the Fall and Winter Writing Goals. *weak chuckle*)


    Jenni Grace W.
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    This is awesome! And seconding @northerner, I always shy away from New Year Resolutions because a year is just too large of a time frame for me to work with. 🙂
    Okay, this spring I want to:
    -get my fantasy novel 100% outlined.
    -draft the first third or so. (At least to Lush Village.)
    -OR instead of that last one, I’d like to completely outline my steampunk tale.
    -I would also like to decide on reasonable daily and weekly writing goals, as well as learn to maintain this regime.
    (Bonus points to future me for getting all of the first three done, but present me shouldn’t stress about it.)

    I would like to set a goal for reading too, but it’ll be more lax than the writing ones.
    -The Count of Monte Cristo
    -Les Mis
    -Something by Fyodor such-and-such I CANNOT remember his last name for the life of me.
    -And both K.M. Weiland’s Structuring Your Novel and Character Arcs.
    Future me who will probably come back and read this over and over again, this is a totally reasonable list, and you can do this. Write when you don’t want to. It will get easier, I promise. And when you reach your daily/weekly goals for writing, even when you had absolutely no desire to do it when you started, reward yourself with either Ice cream or chocolate. (Or both 😉)


    Jane Maree
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    Oh yes yes this is a good idea. My spring writing goals are…

    – Plot out the finale of my trilogy (I need to do that this month)
    Write book three in April/Camp NaNoWriMo
    – Finish editing (2nd draft) book #1 and send it to one or two Alpha readers
    – Run away screaming in panic as they read my precious mess of nonsense


    – Creating Character Arcs K.M. Weiland
    – Keep up on all the critiquing I’m doing. (signed myself up for half a dozen at the same time and it’s so hardddd to keep up >.<)
    – LotR (because I’m doing an EPIC Literature Lessons course this year all about Lord of the Rings so I get to read it again! *squeals*)
    – Hopefully something random that is just for fun and relaxing (because I need to do that more)


    Christi Eaton
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    My goal is literally just “don’t die.” Because school is tough and I have approximately 7 weeks left. Oh and maybe take a break from Plato and Homer and read a book for fun because that hasn’t happened in months (with the exception of one Francine Rivers book I read in two days.)

    So yeah, that’s all.


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    @christi-eaton Not dying is definitely a good goal… XD


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    Whew. I’ve got audacious goals again.

    .Finish my current WIP and get all major editing done.
    .Outline and possible begin on my fantasy trilogy.

    You know what, I don’t need to set goals because I always read a lot.


    Dragon Snapper
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    @northerner Yes, please survive the weak. The world needs your writing. 😛
    @christi-eaton Please don’t die. We don’t have any forum doctors to help you anymore.
    @daeus *cough* Have fun…
    @ethryndal No goals? I applaud you and your freedom. 😀


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    Looking back on my fall/winter goals, I didn’t finish my novella, Silver. However I did write my current WIP, Eclipse Awakening, so that’s fantastic.

    I’m planning on finishing the first edit of EA and sending the rest to my Alpha reader. Then I’m going to set it aside for a month before I look at it again and send it to a few *gulp* Beta readers.

    I want to world build and outline another idea, (I currently call it Rook), into a book and write it in the month I’m taking off from my WIP.

    Finish my current beta reading (on time), and pick up another manuscript to beta read.

    Not fail at blogging.

    Read the first LOTR book. And one or two writing books.


    Dragon Snapper
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    @daeus I’m trying to post my goals, but it says I’ve already done so, but it’s not showing up? Do you know why that is?


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    @dragon-snapper Hmm… Not sure. Try changing one or two words and reposting it.


    Dragon Snapper
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    Golly, this thing doesn’t like me!

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