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    Kate Flournoy
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    @daeus *chokes* Got it. Point taken. I see what you’re saying. 😛

    Jenni Grace W.
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    @daeus Okiday, so… I’ve posted my reply a few times, but still can’t see it, and I dunno if you guys can but I’m just letting you know bc I won’t be able to try again for a couple of hours. 🙂

    But just you wait, I shall have my say in this……😜

    *is probably geeking out about something*


    Jenni Grace W.
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    Ah, there it is! Thx, @daeus

    *is probably geeking out about something*


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    @graciegirl Very well. I can certainly understand forgiving a story. I was really brutal with this one. I don’t know why.


    Kate Flournoy
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    @daeus probably because no one else was. XD

    Jenni Grace W.
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    @daeus Hey, we’re writers/storytellers, it’s our job to be brutal with stories. 😉

    *is probably geeking out about something*


    Dragon Snapper
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    @daeus Pretty much, I agree with everything you said about the characters, except how they got better at the end. Because I couldn’t connect in the first place, it was really hard to do so in the final battle. And actually, I don’t really like the movie either, so yeah…you’re not alone.
    Also, I found the previews completely misleading, so maybe I was disappointed with the movie. ?

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    @dragon-snapper Seems like the story writers had a great idea, but just didn’t execute it very well.


    G. B. Carter
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    @graciegirl The reference to the movie you made earlier in this context literally just made my day. XD

    @daeus @dragon-snapper I also completely understand why neither of you like the movie. I didn’t like it right at first – it had to grow on me. 😛
    I would say that I felt like Jyn’s character arc was a little forced as well, but since I’m not really an experienced writer I don’t think I will.

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    G. B. Carter
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    Also I haven’t seen the movie in a while. *shrinks into the shadows*


    Jenni Grace W.
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    @graceofspades2017 😀 It took me over half an hour to get it on here. *glares at my impossible computer* But it was so worth it! XD

    *is probably geeking out about something*


    Emma Flournoy
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    @daeus My heart is broken.

    Not really. But, Cassian is my favorite SW character ever (and WELL ACTED! I thought he was the best acted in there. *raises eyebrows* A matter of perspective I suppose.), I like Jyn way better than Rey (and I personally think Rey was much more rudely feministic. And Jyn’s better acted.), and just…oh well. All the other people who said it were right when they said your points are valid. They really are, and I don’t contradict that. I just see it differently. 😛
    I didn’t think the WHOLE MOVIE was a masterpiece, and I know there’s plenty of not superb material/characterization, but I was probably just kinda letting it pass because I was paying so much attenion to the stuff I loved. *shrug* I ain’t saying it’s perfect. But Cassian…and Jyn…they were like that in the first half because they WERE aimless! And then they changed, and that was the point, and why it was so good by the end. (But to anyone who said it—I think Jyn’s arc was a little forced. Not enough to make me mad though.)
    But I agree about Krennic. He was really really neat. And K2SO of course. 😀 Favorite droid ever. And the pilot—Bohdi—he was so sweet.

    I’m glad you didn’t dislike it entirely at any rate. 😀


    Louise Fowler
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    I know I am extremely late, and this topic is more than dead, but I just saw Rogue One tonight, and I wanted to give my 5-cents (we don’t have pennies here 😛 ).

    While I don’t think it is my favourite in the Star Wars franchise, it was a pretty good movie. It was fun trying to “connect the dots” as it were, see where each part added up and affected A New Hope. And see some old friends (3-PO and R2 anyone? 😀 ). I enjoyed the characters; especially K2, Chirrut, and Bodhi (like Emma said, he was sweet). It was also interesting to have something a little different than the regular Star Wars formula (my brother asked if I was surprised there was no opening crawl after the “A long time ago” part).

    While it was tragic that *Spoiler Alert* all the main characters died at the end, I felt it was necessary, since none of them even seem to exist in the rest of the movies (mostly because when the movies were made, they didn’t 😛 ). Plus it breaks the mould of most storytelling anywhere – even the protagonists can die. And I personally didn’t find their deaths too sad – I almost cried over the death of a man we hardly knew in an episode of another TV show, and didn’t even feel my eyes moisten in the movie. But I think that was partly because I knew it was going to happen. Also, it seemed a bit drawn-out that each of them had to have their own screen-time for their deaths – they would have died in the shock wave from the Death Star whether we saw it or not.

    Over all, I think it was a pretty good movie, though unnecessary (but then again, most sequels/prequels are). It was interesting to see the background that it created – how the rebels got the Death Star plans in the first place and so on. I’m glad I saw it.

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    Inkling for Christ
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    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who enjoyed it. I have to admit it was quite emotional, and at the end, I had to swallow my tears because I was in a full theater. Afterwards, I did the writer thing, went home and wrote  a new ending when Jyn and Cassian survive the blast, but are trapped on the planet. they manage to live out their days and (long stretch) their daughter is Rey. to get things started, here is the alternate ending I wrote. Sorry this post is so long

    The Survival of Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor


    She had run till she could run no more. Her legs hurt. No, they throbbed with uncontrollable pain. What make the going even harder was the wounds of her companion.

    At last, the blast stopped pursuing them.

    “Cassian,” She gasped. “I can’t go on.”

    “You don’t have to.” Cassian panted.

    Wearily, they sank to the sand and lost all consciousness.

    In her dream, Jyn saw herself running towards her father and falling into his open arms.

    “I did it, Papa!”

    “Well done, my Stardust. Go live your life in peace.”

    With that she woke. Casein was sitting in the sand next to her.

    “I was beginning to wonder…”

    “Wonder what?” Jyn asked.

    “When you would wake. Are you okay?”

    “I think so.” Jon sighed, “We did it right?”

    “No, Jyn, you did it.” Cassian smiled.

    Jon looked at the setting sun.

    “Nights coming, we’d better find some shelter.”

    “Yeah,” Cassian grunted as he painfully rose.

    Quickly, Jyn ducked and put his arm across her shoulder and slowly the two walked along the shore.


    After she felt like ages of walking, the two found a deserted bunker. By now it was well past dark and the two had been lucky to find some drift wood for torches.

    Opening the bunker door, they walked in. Cassian found two cots, which they gratefully sat down on.

    “There’s a got to be a medic kit around here some where.” Jyn muttered.

    “Jyn, don’t worry about it now. We can find one in the morning.” Cassian mumbled sleepily.

    It was dawn when Jyn woke again. After a while of searching she found not only a midic kit. Taking the kit back, she began to clean Cassian’s wounded leg. He stirred a little, but Jyn whispered for him to lie still. Once she had cleaned his, she put the kit away.

    Quietly, she lay back down on her cot and fell asleep.


    The next morning was as fine as any could ask for. The sky was clear, and the sun bright, but Cassian and Jyn lay on their cots to tiers and worn to move.

    However, Jyn knew that they needed both food and water. Quietly, she got up and searched about for any food. At last she found a stash large enough to maybe last a month. But what about water? Was she crazy? Jon laughed to herself. She-they were on an island surrounded by crystal blue water.

    Carefully, she took two of the packets and carried them back to where their cots were. When Jyn returned Cassian was awake. Jyn explained that she had found enough food to possibly last a month or so.

    “How’s  your leg?” Jyn asked.

    “Better, and you” Cassian sat up.

    “I’m getting there.” She sighed, “Should we think about leaving Scarif?”

    “Nah, I mean this place is paradise. We could stay a while.” Cassian suggested.

    “There have got to be more bunkers like this one. I bet we can find a few things.” Jyn said.

    Suddenly, Cassian asked,

    “Can you swim?”
    “Not well, why?”

    “We’re surrounded by water, and I thought it might be fun to do a little swimming.”

    “Maybe, after our wounds have had time to mend.”
    Slowly, the two made their way out of the bunker and sat on the sun warmed sand . The crystal water lapped against their ankles. In some areas, faint wisps of smoke could still be seen.


    The days passed and slowly, the two survivors healed. Each day they could explore the island a little more. One morning Jyn came from their supply room and said,

    “Cassian, we’re almost out of ration packs.”

    “That means we have two choices, we can either, hunt for more, of find  a way to leave. “

    “If we go, where would we go?”

    “I’m not sure.” Cassian looked through the open blast door. “Somewhere quiet, and somewhere a way from imperial contact.”

    “You mean not to return?”

    “Return where?”
    “To the Rebels”

    “No, I think I’m done.” Cassian looked at his tattered jacket.

    “Couldn’t we stay here?” Jon asked hopefully.

    “For a while, yes, but soon we will run out of resources.”Cassian said.

    Thus the two decided to scour the island for supplies. At the end of the day Jyn and Cssian returned to the bunker with full bags of supplies. Now they had enough for another month.

    “This,”Cassian set the bag down, “should be enough to hold us.”

    “I hope.” Jyn looked at the horizon.

    “Jyn” Cassian took her hand, “Let’s go for a walk.”

    Taking off their boots, Jyn and Cassian walked along the beach. The waves crashed on the shore and eventually the clear blue sky was replaced with white stars against a black background.

    “I wonder if the gate way is still up there.” Jyn said as she looked up.

    “I doubt, remember they had to take it down so you could send the message. So my guess is that its just rubble around the planet.”

    Jyn let her head rest on Cassian’s shoulder.

    “I wonder…if they still think of us.” Jyn said again.

    “Most definitely, they will always think of you, Jyn Erso.”

    Cassian replied.


    By now the survivors had turned the bunker into a well functioning abode. By searching other barracks and bunkers, they found more food, clothes, and other gadgets. One evening Cassian returned from scavenging. Jyn could tell he had something, but he wouldn’t tell her what it was.  What Cassian had really found was a partially damaged U-wing. How it was still in one piece he didn’t know, which was why he didn’t want to tell Jyn yet.

    “Jyn, have you ever wanted to travel the galaxy?”

    “Not much, but I have often wondered about space. Why do you ask?”

    “Because I’ve been thinking, we’ve been here almost two months now.”

    “You’re saying its time to go?” Jyn asked.

    “It’s just a thought.” Cassian shrugged.



    If they had had any inflow of news, Jyn Erso would have learned that the plans had made it to the Alliance safely, and  were used. Her father’s flow had been found by a young pilot. The death star had been destroyed. Coincidentally, Cassian had decided to tell Jyn about the fighter he’d found and was repairing.

    “Jyn!” He called into the bunker.

    “What is it?” Jyn came from the back.

    “Come see what I found.”Cassian grinned.

    Jyn came out into the dazzling light and beheld the U-wing.

    “Where did you find this?”
    “I found it on the beach not to far from where the citadel was.” Cassian ran his hand over the hull of the ship.

    “Will it fly?”

    “Well enough. It still needs some work.”

    “Then  it is time to go?” Jyn asked.

    “Not yet, I think we should have a strong plan first.”

    “Yes, of course.”

    “Only,” Cassian began.

    “Only what?”

    “There’s a slight problem.” Casein said.


    “There’s not enough seating for two, you may have to sit in my lap.”

    “Cassian Andor!” Jyn scowled.

    Although she wasn’t used to is, she knew he was joking and couldn’t help but laughing. Then Cassian followed her into the bunker with a pad tucked under his arm. During his hunting, he’d found a working star chart.

    “Hopefully, we can find something.”

    They knew they wanted a slightly out of the way, imperial free planet. Lighting up the pad they went from planet to planet.

    “Cassian, what would we do for a living?”

    “We’d have to find any trade we could.” Casein looked at the map.

    “What about Rebellion planets?”

    “Even those we have to avoid. The alliance believes we’re dead. It’s for the best.”

    “You’re saying that you don’t want to be recognized?” Jyn asked.

    “I guess.” Cassian sighed.


    Knowing they would soon be leaving Scarif behind, Jyn began packing the little things they had. She and Cassian had also come up with a story as to why they were traveling together in a U-wing. Then Jyn thought that they could pass for brother and sister. Just then Cassian came in.

    “Cassian, could we pass for brother and sister?”

    “I don’t see why not, why though?”

    “I’m trying to think of a story. We have to be prepared to explain ourselves if we get asked.

    “You’re right, I haven’t thought of that. I say we could pull it off as siblings. Say we’ve been on the run since we were ten and just recently came upon the fighter. Erso.”


    “You’ll have to leave the name behind. Your father was a well known researcher.”

    “You’re right, Cassian.”

    Jyn pondered for a moment trying to think of a name she could use.

    “Lyra, I can use that. I’d just leave of my last name.”

    “That works. I can go by Diego.”


    “It was the name of a childhood friend. He’s been dead for years though.”

    “Guess that works.” Jyn rolled up a blanket and put it in the bag.


    What did Cassian do with his time? Only once had Jyn wondered. he left in the morning and returned in the evening. What Cassian did was hunt the island for stuff, but he also had a few projects of his own. He had found a wad of copper wiring and carefully he bent and shaped it into a ring.

    “Could we pass as siblings?” Jyn’s question rang in his head.

    He smiled at the ring, Soon, hopefully, Jyn wouldn’t have to worry about it, because her name would blend with his. Cassian spoke aloud,

    “Jyn Erso, are you ready to share these adventures, and this life with me forever?”

    He smiled at the copper circle. Then looking at the sun he knew it was time to begin heading back.


    And of course Jyn did not stay at the bunker all day either. She would go out and search for things. Often she would test blasters to find which ones worked and then salvage what pieces and parts she could. Jon wanted to make sure they had means of defense.

    As Jyn walked through the tropical vegetation, she remembered how not but two months ago they had landed a stolen ship of the beach and assaulted the citadel. Suddenly, Jyn came to an abrupt stop, she was standing on the edge of a crater. The crater.

    “This must be where the citadel was.”

    Rather than going into the pit, Jyn turned back.


    Jyn knew the time was drawing to a close. Their life of paradise was coming to an end. The fighter was nearly ready, and Cassian was even testing it. Jon had double checked their bags.

    She felt lucky knowing they had plenty of rations and of course now that they were leaving they would have an ample supply. One evening, Cassian came in with two helmets. He set them down and looked around the now familiar room.

    “You’ve packed everything?”

    “Almost everything, Is the fighter ready?”

    “Just about, I want to do one more test run tomorrow, but after that we should be good.” Cassian said.


    The test run was complete! Cassian had deemed the fighter was ready to fly. Once he has landed it, Jyn began loading their few bags. into the baggage hold. When she looked up, she noticed Cassian standing next to her.

    “What is it?” She smiled up, “Cassian, you’ve got something up your sleeve.”

    “Is that a statement or a question?” Cassian’s dark eyes sparkled.

    “A statement.”

    Then Cassian said,

    “Jyn Erso, are you ready to share these adventures and this life with me forever?”

    Casein held the ring in his hand. Jyn’s heart beat wildly.

    “Yes, Cassian Andor, I’m ready.”

    Then Cassian slipped the ring on her finger. It was a perfect fit!

    The two embraced each other. That evening, they spent it on the beach. The last night on Scarif. Jyn smiled at Cassian as they walked in the light of the setting sun, with the waves splashing against their ankles.


    At last, it was finally time for them to leave. Cassian sat in the pilot seat and Jyn sat next to him. With the flick of a switch to engines flared to life. Jyn glanced at Cassian and he smiled as they began their assent.

    “Ready to make the jump?”

    “Ready.” Jyn replied.

    Together, the two pulled the handle back together and sat back as the stars whizzed around them.

    They had survived Scarif, and had begun their adventures as Diego and Lyra Andor.

    To Be Continued



    Kate Flournoy
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    @inkling-for-christ whoops, somehow missed this! 😛 Cool.

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