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    I’d love to listen to the webinar on Monday, but I’ll be either at a conference on the Reformation, or with my grandmother, so I won’t be able to. Will it be recorded or something, like the panel discussions, to come back to after it’s over?

    And secondly, how much will the theme course cost? I’m a college student who’s currently without a job. . .

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    Josiah DeGraaf
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    @northerner Yes–it will be recorded. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll be sending out a link sometime after the webinar Monday or Tuesday.

    The normal price of Theme Mastery will /probably/ be $147 (we’re still ironing down the details), but we’ll be running a sale where it’s only $97 for the first week of its release.

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    Jenni Grace W.
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    Um, hi. Just popping in here with one other teensy question if it’s not too much.

    Theme Mastery is self-lead, correct? My family rocks at last minute getaways and camping trips through the summer, so my mom wants to be 100% positive that this won’t interfere with any of the madness she has planned/not planned. ๐Ÿ˜œ

    Also, I need to add that I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! I am counting down the days, no hours until the webinar. The mini course blew my anticipation levels through the roof!!


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    @graciegirl Yep, it’s self paced.

    Hehe! *peeks over a block of cheese as he munches on it* The mini course is just a small teaser. Feel thou teased.


    Jenni Grace W.
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    @daeus Thanks! Just wanted to make sure.

    *glares over consolation ice cream as she licks it* Consider me teased. I am very much teased.

    *looks at calendar* *groans* *goes back to her ice cream*

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