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    I’m writing a story at the moment about this young king who has lost two of his brothers in battle due to magic and so hates it as a result. One day, this king is visited by a lord who has been keeping a couple of young mages as slaves and treating them terribly. In spite of his mistrust, the king realises the cruelty of their treatment and decides to save them. There is also a plot to kill him, the fact that the brothers he thought he lost might not be dead at all…

    That was working very well until I thought of a variation where the king loses his brothers anyway but doesn’t win the battle and is forced to go on the run. He takes shelter with the same lord and discovers the truth about the mages, and the same thing happens again, only this time it includes the king’s battle to regain his kingdom, etc.

    I’m not sure which way to go. Some advice would really help 🙂

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    Silverclaw Bonnetfolly
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    In my opinion you have the first idea thought out more, both ideas are great but you spent more time on the first idea, the second can get that way if you pursue that idea. The question is which idea do you like more, because you are going to want to write the idea you like more, and your readers will like it more if you like what you’re writing. If you don’t like what you’re writing that much the readers can pick up on it and they wont want to read it.


    Sam Kowal
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    @joy Both of those ideas are really solid, its hard for me to say which one I think would be better

    I agree, you should write whichever one you like more- but I know with me, most of the time I’m not sure which route to go when I have a decision to make about the story

    I would probably go with the second one, though, if I thought about it for awhile.

    Having the king on the run will make it a lot harder for him to free the mages, right? Whereas if he were king, he would have a lot more influence on the lord to free the slaves and probably a lot more money to try to buy the mages, not to mention soldiers to help him free them?

    So I would probably go with the second option to make his mission harder, but both are good

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    @joy I agree with @sam-kowal. I think that both ideas are viable options. Hope you find a solution!


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    @joy I’d say to go with the first one, mainly because I’ve heard of a lot of literature where the king has to ‘go on the run’. The first one, to me, sounds more original, and interesting. 😀
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    @joy First off, your story sounds so cool. I kinda love it, actually. 🙂
    I don’t have an immediate preference between option A or B, but I would add that something to keep in mind, is your protagonist’s character development. I would ask which situation is the better opportunity to show his growth as a person.
    (Hope that helps!)

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    @joy That sound like a cool story idea! I think that the first one would be easier and less complex. The second one sounds a little harder to play out, but to me it seems to be the one that would interest me most.


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    Thanks, guys! I think I’m going to go with the first one, but you never know, elements of the second idea may crop up in there just as well 🙂

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