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    Dragon Snapper
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    *pokes head in momentarily*
    Hey…the topic is getting pretty long, and it freaks out whenever I try to click on it…so someone might want to make a new one…

    *melts chair*


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    @dragon-snapper Done!

    An INFJ Ranger


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    @ingridrd Yikes! I’ll pray for her.
    @salome01w4g Yeah, I guess I am “kind of” biased. Actually, probably a little more than kind of. My dad grew up in North Dakota, so he thinks that we are wimpy in cold weather. As he goes out in freezing, really 50 degree weather, with shorts and tee-shirts, we wear heavy jackets, jeans, and long sleeved shirts.

    Title: The Perfect Grammatacallion


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    @emily lol I’d have to agree with your dad….. *ducks*
    I don’t go out in 50 degree weather in t-shirs and short skirts but, I don’t wear heavy stuff, gee I go barefoot in -2 degree weather and snow on the ground…. 🙂 (I just proved I’m crazy….)

    ~Farmer, writer, aspiring midwife~

Viewing 4 posts - 871 through 874 (of 874 total)

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