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    I seriously need some help editing/critiquing my story Partners in Crime. I hope to begin posting the parts of it on my blog (again), in February. I can’t remember who has, and who hasn’t read it on kingdom pen. I’m going to mention some people, and if you can help me, this is what I need:

    I just need someone to go into my story using the link and read it. If you read it and do nothing else but tell me your opinion I will be greatful. If you want, you can correct errors you see, or comment in the doc about things you like things you don’t.

    The biggest things I need help on, are characterization (do they feel like people, and are they consistent?), and pacing (do I need to extend the story?)

    If you can’t help me, it’s absolutely fine, there is no pressure. If you can, thanks there is absolutely no pressure. The only thing remotely related to pressure is the fact I need this done before February 1st.


    Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qbaZGzV9ZSeT4Pr-EXYyyj4BaBKecEqYwgTK2wmf0JI/edit?usp=sharing

    People: @dragon-snapper @epicaddie2 @kate-flournoy @jane-maree @that_writer_girl_99 @christi-eaton @graciegirl @winter-rose @kina-lamb


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    @cloudy At this very moment I’m a little busy, but sometime in the next week or so I’d be happy to look over your story. How in-depth would you want me to go? I do freelance editing so I can do anything from a theme-characters-plot sort of perspective or go more into the finer details of wording and prose and grammar. It all depends on how severely you want me to go over it. 😀

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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