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    Hi friends,

    Most of you probably know about my show don’t tell course. The exciting news is that I’m going to be releasing part 2 of that course any day now.

    Anyway, I had to rebuild my sales page to accommodate for the now 2 part course. I think I managed to keep it looking fairly good, but there are probably some things I could do to improve it.

    Here’s the link: http://www.thescratchingquill.com/the-show-dont-tell-course/

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 🙂

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    Jane Maree
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    @daeus it looks pretty good! My only thing would be that in the sections that you have images (the ‘contents’ and ‘are you serious about your writing’ headers) it would look better if the images would automatically fit to the length of the screen. For example, I have quite a wide computer screen so there’s about an inch of a gap between the edges of the photo and the edge of the screen.

    My web designer sister glanced at it and her theory is that you have a ‘maximum pixels’ limit for the photo somewhere which you can change to be bigger. Either that or padding on the sides of the image.

    Other than that, I didn’t notice anything amiss. 😀

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    Kate Flournoy
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    @daeus looks great. The only thing I noticed is a typo at the very end— in the money back section, you said ‘every’ when you meant ‘ever’. Other than that, it’s lovely. 🙂

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    @daeus it looks great! Good work. 😉

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    @jane-maree Ah, yes. Your screen must exceed the length of the image. I went ahead and tiled the parallax images.



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    *Is very late* It looks great, Daeus. I think the body text is too thin and faded in the Q and A section, so it’s harder to read, but it look very professional. 🙂

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