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    Kate Flournoy

    @Mark-Kamibaya what you said about Introversion vs Extroversion is quite true— but I tend to believe that the need for alone-time is because of the fact that an Introvert’s world is in their head. That’s where they feel most comfortable; just with themselves. While they can enjoy the society of their friends, it will never be as natural or comfortable for them as just being with themselves. Or maybe I just don’t have many genuinely close friends… D: 😛
    As with all things everywhere generalization is not recommended. But from what I’ve observed, it makes sense.

    Also I think I oversimplified my definition of Feelerism and Thinkerism. Once again, you’re totally right.
    I should have made the distinction that just because the heart is not ‘logical’ doesn’t mean it isn’t a step-by-step Judging Function that is informed by what the person believes is right and good and fitting. It’s merely an emotional attachment to the truth more than it is logical, and vise versa.

    Heh… I may one day write an article on MBTI, but I want to understand it better before I tackle that. 😉 Thanks for the encouragement.

    As for a favorite… uggghhh, I love them all! 😛 If I had to choose, though, I’d probably go with INTJ. Because mystery and riddles and enigmas and sarcasm. ENFPs are really cool as well (one of my little brothers is an ENFP and he’s the life of the household 😀 ) and I also have been increasingly fascinated with ENFJs the more I find, but I think INTJ takes the cake. At least from a psychological standpoint. 😉

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    Jane Maree

    @mark-kamibaya Haha yes. XD
    @Anna-Brie Trruuuue though. It just seems that all those introverted writers forget that we exist. *squints* 😛

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    Mark Kamibaya

    @kate-flournoy Yeah, I can see your point concerning introversion and it seems spot on. I just like tangible explanations once in a while, you know? Moving on, I think you are pretty freakin’ close to understanding MBTI. I know you are more well-versed with this psychological system than most authors. And considering that (I believe) you didn’t know about it until recently, it’s pretty remarkable.

    So INTJ’s . . . I can see why. I believe my sister is an INTJ (which is pretty cool). I did some research and supposedly ENFP’s are known as literally the life of the party. And INTJ’s are called strategists by a number of sources. Quite interesting. I actually found one of those dumb MBTI quizzes for various fandoms (LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars etc.) and it’s hilarious the results you get. Like I never knew I was Chewbacca (who is supposedly an ISTP like me).

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    Kate Flournoy


    I just like tangible explanations once in a while, you know?

    … yeah. I think you’re definitely a Sensor. 😛 Congratulations; those are rare among writers. 😉
    Hmm… MBTI is one of my obsessions, in case you hadn’t noticed. 😛 Maybe I’m just leery of over-extending myself or being too confident in my own powers of interpretation. It’s well enough chatting in an open discussions forum and doing posts and trying to teach/articulate here, but idk… an article just seems… I shall stash it away and work up my courage eventually. 😉

    Your sister is an INTJ?! *laughs* Okay, no but that’s really cool, because INTJ women are supposed to be rarer than unicorns, but I know at least five INTJ women right off the top of my head and only a couple INTJ men. Cool.
    I also think I tend to side with the INTJ because they’re supposed to be the hardest type to understand and for one I love a challenge, two I have only found them intriguing, and three I usually side with the people no one else likes. XD

    Ha! Chewbacca is actually an ESTP, but that is hilarious nonetheless. I’d be scared to take one of those in case I’d get Luke Skywalker. *cringes* Who is an ISFJ, but everyone says he’s an INFP which is just… no. *shakes head*

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