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    Hello Kapeefers! (do I get a ringtone for that @aratrea ?)
    So quick question…
    Hypothetically, if I wanted to have a ‘master and apprentice’ idea thing in a book, and hypothetically the apprentice would be called the apprentice because hypothetically those actually existed then hypothetically, what would I call the master so that hypothetically I wouldn’t be copying Star Wars? (worst run-on ever)
    All this is hypothetical of course. And I’m not using reverse phsychology. Because that’s mean. (Maybe all of KP should always use reverse psychology. XD Wait, what would that make our personality types… laddie )

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    @dragon-snapper That’s a lot of use of the word hypothetically in one sentence! You probably just made a record :P. Anyway, another option would be teacher. I don’t think that master would be bad. What is the time period and setting?


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    @emily Dragons like to be record holders. You should as Dragon Snapper. She’s always trying to win. XD
    Well, it’s a sci-fi novel in a sci-fi time and setting…not really sure how to describe that. Haha! 😀
    And I didn’t want to use master because some of my book is already like Star Wars, and I don’t want it to be too much like it. Master and apprentice is a big Star Warsy thing.

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    @dragon-snapper Ok, so if you aren’t thinking master and apprentice, what about, like @emily sorta said, teacher and protege?


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    @dragon-snapper So you’re looking for words other than master? *taps paw on chin in thought*
    (Maybe they could call the ‘master’ by their name or title?)
    Maybe that will help?…

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    Jane Maree
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    @dragon-snapper my immediate thought was instructor/trainer because that sort of sounds like it might fit? Hypothetically, of course. XD

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    @dragon-snapper @catwing had good ones. I am kind of bad with synonyms 😉


    Kate Flournoy
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    @dragon-snapper uhhh… hm. Is… would it be possible to simply skip the titles altogether and simply let it be implied in their relationship? Or is it too much of a systemic thing?
    And I may or may not have just had a minor heart-attack trying to imagine myself as an ESTJ… *shivers* XD

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    @dragon-snapper There’s the option of doing something similar to what’s used in The Ranger’s Apprentice. They call Will an apprentice but Halt is just called a Ranger. This could work for anything really. Say you have someone training to be a Keylar, the learner is simply called an apprentice and the master is just called a Keylar. Or Keylar Edvin (to pick a random name. Also, a Keylar is som’in from my WIP so the name is off-limits. 😜)
    Or, of course, you could come up with proper names for the positions. Like how they sometimes use Padawan and Jedi instead of master and apprentice in Star Wars.

    *is probably geeking out about something*


    Louise Fowler
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    Synonyms for master in this case could be: Mentor, advisor, guide, counsel, teacher, trainer, sage, tutor, guru, chief, elder. Maybe, if there is a lot of formality, you could come up with some other title, like calling the master’s “Father” since they’re teaching them the skills, or whatever.

    Synonyms for apprentice (if you’re also looking to switch that up) could be: Pupil, rookie, learned, novice, recruit, follower, fledgling, student, trainee, cub, junior (junior and senior?), cadet.

    Just a few suggestions.

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    Master: black bean
    Apprentice: jellybean



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    @dragon-snapper, well…I have a teacher in my novel and he’s just called Sensei, but my book is set in Japan, so that might not work for a sci fi book, but you could draw on another culture/language for a name. According to Google translate, French for teacher is Prof. In Danish, it’s Mestre. so you could use something like that.

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    @daeus Sometimes, I’m really not sure what to do with you…
    @kate-flournoy If I try to imagine myself as an introvert, I don’t like it either. XD
    @graciegirl Ooh, that’s a good idea. I might use that along with @seekjustice ‘s idea of another language.
    Notes to self: *do not steal the use of the word Kreylar, even purposefully accidentally*

    @jane-maree @catwing @perfectfifths @emily @shannon

    Thanks all of you for your help with this brainstorming. 😀 I believe it was silly of Dragon Snapper to world-build after she finished writing the book. … Don’t ask.

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    Josiah DeBoer
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    Or you could add in a touch of humor and go with That dude who tells me what to do. Or do something really shocking and call the master by name Not sure if either would work well, but they’re a few more ideas. @dragon-snapper


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    @dragon-snapper I would probably just make up a word for their positions XD And *cough* I may or may not still be world building. After I finished my book. So you aren’t alone XD

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