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    Inkling for Christ
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    Hi All,

    We all reach that point in our work where we begin to branch out to friends/family. Well, this is me reaching out to my “family” asking for help.

    Specifically, I am looking for an editor. And I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites/people/contacts that I might be able to access.

    Also, I will, if the general public consents, add a link to my work for feedback (if any of you have the time)


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    http://www.theliterarycrusader.com/ Check this out. I can’t remember Brianna’s tag at the moment, but I’m sure she’d be willing to answer any questions you might have.



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    @inkling-for-christ  I read the first three chapters! I like it! Do you think you can turn it to suggesting mode? 🙂

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    Mariposa Aristeo
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    @inkling-for-christ Are you looking for editorial advice from fellow peers or a professional editor? As one fellow author to another, I highly recommend hiring a professional editor if you intend to pursue a career in writing. Editors clean up your work, not only fixing grammar, but making sure your wording is clear and concise and getting rid of unnecessary baggage.

    However, there are different levels of editing and you need to carefully evaluate each service before contacting an editor. The lightest level is proofreading, which is basically just fixing grammar and typos. The next level is line editing, which includes polishing sentences, eliminating wordiness, and replacing weak word choices with stronger ones, and sometimes rearranging sentences to better flow with the rest of the scene.

    Proofreading is by far the cheapest route, but often not the best. Most authors (including myself), need more than just a proofread.

    Another option for improving your work is KP coaching (it’s closed now but will likely reopen in six months).


    Sam Kowal
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    @inkling-for-christ Try @jane-maree

    She has more info on her website

    Although I’m guessing she’s pretty busy as it is

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    @dekreel, yes I will do that.

    @mariposa, I am not sure really. I just need someone to help me work on showing vs telling. My book is in first person and I can see its telly but I don’t know how to fix it. I can’t go to a pro yet because I only have the first thirteen chapters “finalized”. The rest is to jumbled to give out. My guess is I’m looking for line editing.


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    Here’s what I’d recommend. You don’t need someone to edit your whole book at this moment. You just need someone to help you with your writing style.

    Instead of asking people to edit all 13 chapters, just pick one chapter and ask several people to help you edit it and, most importantly, explain their edits so you can replicate them. (I imagine you could even get a professional editor to help you with this if you paid them.) Send the chapter to one person at a time, edit the chapter, and then send it to the next person.

    You can ask me to edit it, but I must warn you that I may be too busy. I’ll have to play it by ear.



    Mariposa Aristeo
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    @inkling-for-christ Since your book is not yet finished, beta readers or a service like Jane Maree’s might be a good starting point for you before contacting an editor. 🙂

    You might not be ready for someone like Brianna Hilvety whom Elizabeth recommended. Brianna is a professional editor and will charge for her services (as all reputable editors do). Most (if not all) professional editors cannot give away free advice because their skills are valuable. Plus, I’m pretty sure Brianna does not work on unfinished projects.

    For showing and not telling, I recommend reading Gabrielle’s article: 3 Types of Telling You Must Erase to Create an Intimate POV. 


    Jane Maree
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    @inkling-for-christ Depending on the style of editing you’re looking for, I don’t actually have anyone scheduled in at the moment so I’m not too busy. I do charge (a low cost) for a professional edit though -you can check out my details HERE– but I try keep it affordable.

    If it’s an incomplete manuscript, I would be happy to work through it and give comments and tips as you go.

    If you’re interested/want more info feel free to email me (jane(at)janemareeauthor.com.au) or use the contact form/editing application form on my website.

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