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    Jackson Graham
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    @gretald, @bluejay, @writefury, @daeus, @hannah-olsen, @mark-kamibaya, @sarah-h, @kate-flournoy, @emma-flournoy, @dragon-snapper, @michael-stanton

    In a battle, how would you reveal someone who can turn invisible at will? Has to be something that not everyone can do.

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    Probably people getting stabbed where there is no visible weapon. A cleared around the invisible soldier. People could hear the invisible guy.



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    @warrioroftherealm *rubs hands together* Let’s see if I can get at least five…
    1. Look at the ground. Invisible people still press down the grass or other things on the ground.
    2. Dirt in the air is not where the person is.
    3. Something is smeared or stuck on the invisible person, so people can see floating smears. *shruggs* Maybe?
    4. When a weapon is stuck in the person the weapon and it’s holder also vanishes. You could see the person attacking InvisaSoldier turn invisible.
    5.If your character has powers… One power could be to make invisible things visible (or glow) to them. (Or everyone)

    See if any of those work for that type of invisiblity. (There’re varietys)

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    Emma Flournoy
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    @warrioroftherealm They have good suggestions.


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    For an actual reveal, I would suggest first a shimmer of movement where maybe someone just glimpses the change and suspects something?

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