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    Allison Grace
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    Hey, I wanted to pop in here. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 soundtrack. There are a few really sad songs on there. “Twin Moons” and “It’s Over Now,” to name a couple. 🙂 Plus The Piano Guys are the best!

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    Yes! We listen to the Piano Guys as well! I really like “This is my Fight Song” and the video! Btw, have you watched the video where it tells how they made the video for “Fight Song”? It’s pretty fascinating all the things that kept happening. They had quite an adventure to make that video! 😀


    Dragon Snapper
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    @allison-grace Have you heard the song Journey into the Star Cluster?

    *melts chair*


    Allison Grace
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    Yes, that’s also one of my favorites!

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    @dragon-snapper YASSSS! Love that movie.
    My absolute favorite song from the LOTR soundtrack is Samwise the Brave from The Two Towers. I always want to cry when I hear it.

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    Anything by Hans Zimmer is bound to be good. I really enjoyed his latest soundtrack for Blade Runner 2049.

    That one English guy.


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    *wanders in* ummm… I am different. I don’t listen/watch music videos on YouTube. I use… Pandora. *nods*
    Songs that catwing likes…
    Big hero 6 (except I’m Satisfied With My Care. It’s too sad. BAYMAX!)
    HTTYD (I can’t hum it, if my brother is near. He makes me play it so he can hear. Oh yes. I use headphones)
    The Chronicles of Narnia (except that song. The Call. Then I rant on how it does fit and then the whole movie. Until I stop…)
    LotR and The Hobbit is pretty good too.
    The Incredibles (2018! 2018! *runs around crazily*)
    Mission Impossible
    Okay, I have to admit it… *forces self to let go of her pride* Indiana Jones *cough* I said it.

    I like Toby Mac, Hollyn, Jamie Grace, Capital Kings, For King And Country, etc. But I always sing the song and don’t really write. So Not really writing music for me.

    I have seen Beyond the Mask! I have the Sound Track. *Cheshire Cat Grin* I got it for free. Because my family knows someone who worked on the movie. So no I didn’t steal it. They gave it to my dad and he gave it to me.

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Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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