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    So I’m writing a story about a couple who (later in the story) finds a baby on their doorstep in NYC. What gender should I make it? Any name ideas? Any describing ideas? Thanks!

    Oh, and yes, I’m new to KP. My real name is Hadassah, but I go as @photobloggergal.  😀


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    @photobloggergal Welcome to the bestistest place on the internet!!! What’s your favorite genre to write? Do you have any favorite books?

    I think that a baby girl would be good.

    What time period are you writing this story in? That’s something that has to be taken into consideration when thinking of a name.

    Describing ideas: A dark haired light skinned baby with chubby legs and rosy cheeks. Unless the baby is supposed to be abandoned. Then it might be dark haired, pale, thin and homely. Just my thoughts. Hope that helps!

    Title: The Perfect Grammatacallion


    Mariposa Aristeo
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    Hi, @photobloggergal! Welcome to the forum! Are you a pirate (I see you like to shoot canons)? 😜

    I’ve found that the best way to find a name is by purchasing a baby name book. I have one with 5,000+ names and I get over 50 percent of my characters’ names from that. How would the gender affect the plot? If it won’t, then just have the baby be the gender you want it to be. 🙂 And if you still can’t decide, you could always have them find two babies at their doorstep (a boy and a girl). 😊

    Here are some of my favorite boy names in case that helps:

    Pierre, Avery, Typhoon, Zebby, Lothario, Esperanza

    And my favorite girl names:

    Alassandra, Lavinia, Rainbow, Cerelia, Letisha, Emalia


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    @photobloggergal Welcome to the Bestest Place in Cyberspace!! (Rhyme intended.) My name is Dekreel. 😉

    I’m just going to throw you my favorite names of all time:


    • Victor
    • Tristan
    • Toby
    • Tyler
    • James
    • Jason


    • Piper
    • Julia
    • Nyssa
    • Phoebe
    • Lauryne
    • Rose

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    Hi @photobloggergal! Welcome to Kingdom Pen!

    I LOVE NAMING CHARACTERS. So I have a few questions for you: First, do you want a name with a specific meaning? If so, do you want that meaning to reflect your character?If not, that’s completely fine. I use this technique more in fantasy stories. I like to choose names with meanings because it helps me nail down my character better.

    Meanings aside, sometimes specific names convey specific appearances, characteristics, etc. to me, even if it has nothing to do with the meaning of a name. If you want to give me a character description I’d be more than happy to give you names I associate with that description.

    Here are some of my favorite names, just because of how they sound, not because of what they mean.

    Boys: Sebastian, Samuel, Pip (thank you, Charles Dickens), Archer, Matthew

    Girls: Cecilia, Samantha, Jillian, Katie, Kit, Isabella

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    Obsessive Character Namer
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    Hannah R.
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    P.S. What’s your blog called? Never hurts to have another follower. 🙂

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    @photobloggergal Just wanted to stop in to say hi. 😀


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    @photobloggergal First of all, Howdy!

    Cool story idea! I think that what gender the child should be really depends on your preference. If you find it easier to write a girl, then make it a girl. It just depends. I like to use https://nameberry.com for names. You can use it to find rare names, which I appreciate because it’s always great to give your characters interesting names!

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    Aislinn Mollisong
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    Ok, favorite name time.

    Jason!!!!! (bestest name ever)

    Amber, Allie, Aislinn, Aelis, Anna, Bailey, Brynn, Emily.

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    Wow everyone is posting great names and places for names, personally I use BehindTheName for my names as it has names from every ethnicity and the meaning of the name as well.


    Sarah Anson
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    Hi @photobloggergal! Welcome to the bestest place ever, Kingdom Pen! I’m Sarah. The sarcastic horse fanatic that dreams of someday being a published author.

    So, you want names, eh? Well….*digs through giant list*

    Ah, here we go! How about:




    Jason(or Jeyson, or Jaeson, depending on what you like)


    Kale(weird one, but I love it)

    Jaxon(Jax, Jackson, Jack, Jake…)

    I like J names, in case you haven’t noticed. 😉

    And girls:


    Arial(Ariel, Arael)







    Dakota(not really a baby name…)

    Rose(totally the best baby girl name, ever!)



    Hope some of these helped! I personally love seeing baby girls, but it really depends on what is best for your couple. I like seeing outdoorsy people raising princess-loving girls, city folks raising country-loving boys.

    ~Sarah, the passionate coffee drinker, artist, writer, rider, and ironist. (I’m not sure that’s a word…)


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    I love namingcharacters, like others have said Nameberry is really good, i personally have a names book and supplement that with BehindTheName.

    Time periods and genre definitely make a difference and should impact your name choices. Here’s a few ideas though:









    <span style=”line-height: inherit;”>Boys:</span>


    <span style=”line-height: inherit;”>Chandler</span>





    I hope this is helpful! Welcome to the forum by the way. I love the name Hadassah, its one of my favourites. ☺


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    @photobloggergal Welcome welcome! Finding the right names for characters is definitely not my superpower, but I wanted to say hello. *enthusiastic waving* 😀

    But not without regard for the double negative!


    Dragon Snapper
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    @photobloggergal Weeell…

    Girl, I always like the baby girls. 😀

    • Layla
    • Molly
    • Marion
    • Alayna (and that sounds like fantasy)
    • Janie
    • Jane

    And I’m not very good at this as you can see, not to mention other people have lots more suggestions. 😉


    But welcome and thrice welcome to the forum. 😀

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    @aislinn-mollisong Pleased to hear that you like my name. *bows*

    @sarah-anson I love the name Rose too. I want to name my baby girl someday Amy Rose. And I have a nephew named Jaxon. SO cute.

    @dragon-snapper My little sister’s name is Molly and my middle name is Jane!

    Sorry for the comments guys. It’s cool to see what names people like. 😛 😛 😛

    Title: The Perfect Grammatacallion

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