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    Kina Lamb

    Hi guys!

    My name is Kina. I have a strange addiction to writing that is hard to explain. I wouldn’t say I’m good at writing – I find it as hard to write a SHORT story as it is to sew a dress when you have hardly any experience – and yet I can’t stop writing! Here’s a quote from the photography world that I think exactly fits my case:

    “I’m not a photographer (writer) because I’m good at it, or even because I have a special talent. I’m a photographer (writer) because I can’t stop taking pictures (writing stories.)”

    My hope is that someday I’ll be able to eliminate enough ‘fluff’ to publish a story that brings glory to God and promotes godly character. Most of my story ideas come from telling stories to my little sister at bedtime.

    My other hobbies include photography (here’s my website, check it out and subscribe while you’re at it: http://rachel579.wix.com/rlphotography) music, cooking, reading, editing, storytelling, sewing (yes, I’m sewing a dress with hardly any experience!!) and hand lettering. And my personality type is ESTP. : ) Is anybody else an ESTP?

    I really like Charles Spurgeon’s quotes.

    One other thing that you should know about me is:

    I’m actually Daeus’s little sister!

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    Howdy, @kina-lamb! Now where have I seen you before…

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    Audrey Caylin

    @kina-lamb No way! I didn’t know @daeus has a sister who is a writer as well….

    *clears throat* Sorry. Let me start over 😉

    Welcome to the forum! I love that quote, even though it isn’t the original version. And yeah, I think short stories are hard too 😛 I mean, how do people tell an entire story without at least ten chapters?!?!

    Looking forward to seeing you around in the forum!

    Profile photo of Jess

    @Kina-lamb I love those pictures sooo much!!! *calms herself down* Ahem. Hello! Welcome to the little corner of insanity 😛 Are you writing anything currently? 🙂 (I agree, short stories are hard)

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    Kate Flournoy

    @Kina-Lamb welcome to the bestistest place on the internet! *shakes your hand enthusiastically* So glad to have you here. And it’s late and my brain is fried or I would say something more creative…
    But welcome again. I hope you stick around and learn a lot of cool, useful stuff. 🙂
    This forum can always use another Lamb.
    I’ll be seeing you around. 😀

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    Arella Noreen

    @Kina-Lamb Hello! I’ve only been here for a few hours, but I figured I’m still qualified to join the welcoming committee! I’ve met your brother, both here and on YWW, although the latter of the two was rather brief.

    I also love photography, and my experience is pretty much summed up in that quote. We were on a road trip through a bunch of national parks, and my dad let me use his second Cannon camera, which was a really nice camera and the pictures all turned out so dreamily, and… *sighs in contentment*

    Anyways, I’m sure I’ll see you around!

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    Jane Maree

    @Kina-Lamb HELLO!!! *waves enthusiastically*
    My sister @willow-wispowing is a photographer and writer too! (although she isn’t very frequent on the forum) You’ve got some gorgeous shots on your website! *bounces* What sort of camera do you have?
    Hand lettering? Ooh I’m soooo jealous. I really wish I could do that but…I simply don’t have the patience. 😛

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    Welcome to the forum @Kina-Lamb! Great to see more family members on the site. 🙂

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    Hello daeus’ little sister! 😛 (aka @kina-lamb)
    Welcome to the forum! Hope you love it here! 🙂

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    Jenni Grace

    @kina-lamb Welcome! I doubt I need to enumerate the awesomeness of Kingdom Pen to you. I’m sure you’ve heard lots about it already from your brother. ;D Every once in a while I get the photography itch, usually whenever my family and I are on one of our many camping trips. That’s some beautiful work you have on your site! It looks like you prefer to take pics of nature, am I correct? So, you’re an ESTP. I was just thinking the other day about how I think I know one of each type when I realized I don’t know any ESTPs! *takes out clipboard* Let the observing begin…. 😉 Something sorta funny happened when I first read your introduction. @daeus might want in on this joke too. As soon as I got to the part about you being Daeus’s sister, I totally started thinking of you by the name of Emma. You see, I have this funny habit of thinking of some authors as their Mcs, and then when family starts to show up…. :p Oh, zikers, I think my sister is right: I’m crazy, I’ve lost it! If she were here she’d probably say that saying I’ve lost it would imply I had it in the first place. XD Thank goodness, for you guys on Kingdom Pen! Well, welcome to the forum, Kina, and I look forward to seeing you around in the future!!!

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    Dragon Snapper

    @kina-lamb Woah! Mind blown! I had no idea @daeus had a little sister! Daeus, There is now a princess in the castle in that dragon story. 😛
    What type of stuff do you write? What type of music do you play? How many questions can I ask you?
    Welcome from the resident dragon!
    -Dragon Snapper

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    Why, hello there, new friend. Welcome to Kingdom Pen!!!

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    Emma Flournoy

    HEY @Kina-Lamb! I didn’t know you were a writer too! Awesome.
    What’s your favorite book?
    And what instrument do you play?
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you better here.
    Also to looking ’round on your website, but the computer’s being slow right now. 😉

    Profile photo of Kina Lamb
    Kina Lamb

    Okay: experimentation in replying.

    Probably here, @daeus : )

    Profile photo of Kina Lamb
    Kina Lamb

    Yay, it worked!

    Hi guys! Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back to you. You see, I had a serious appointment with my math book and other homework duties. Anyway, here I am! Now to begin answering your questions.

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