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    Hey there! My name is Chelsea, but I go under the name SeekJustice. I’ve been hanging around Kingdom Pen for several months now, but I thought I’d better introduce myself, seeing that seems to be the done thing around here.
    firstly, a few things about me:
    -I live in Australia
    -I’ve been homeschooled my entire life and I’m currently in Year 11.
    -I love reading and writing (obviously), particularly fairy tale retellings, fantasy and historical fiction.
    -My Meyer Briggs is INFP
    -I also enjoy dancing, horse riding, singing, procrastinating on Pinterest and I have a blog called An Ordinary Pen https://anordinarypen.wordpress.com/.
    That’s a little about me, I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming months!

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    @seekjustice Welcome to the bestistest place on the internet!

    There are lots of other Aussies and INFPs on here. You should fit right in. 😉

    Do you have a work in progress at the moment?

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    Welcome,@seekjustice! KP is great and your gonna love it here.

    Ooh, you’re an INFP? Me too. I was also homeschooled my whole life, until I graduated high school this year.

    Do you play any instruments?

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    Jenni Grace

    Welcome to the forum, @SeekJustice!
    Zikers, another INFP! Coolio. 😀 I’m an INFP as well.

    I enjoy fairtale retellings too, but haven’t read many yet. What are some of your favorites?

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    Rosey Mucklestone

    Welcome to KP @seekjustice! -throws confetti-
    Heyyy, I think I might have seen you around the internet before. You’ve got the Open Pen critique tab on your blog and I was in on that. 😀
    -sticks out hand- I’m writefury.

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    Howdy @seekjustice! Oooh fairytale retellings! I love those muchly! Have you read the Lunar Chronicles? I hear they’re good.
    Btw I love the name Chelsea. Especially that spelling of it. 🙂

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    Greetings @seekjustice I’m BethanysInkyRoses. 🙂 Another homeschooler! Yeah! We are rampant are the Kingdom. I can see you have lots of questions, so I won’t ask another. Can’t wait to get to know you more!

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    Kate Flournoy

    Welcome to KP, @SeekJustice and fellow INFP! I’m not an Aussie but I was homeschooled and I also *cough* learned to love fairytale retellings and am now very enthusiastic about them. *grins* I’m actually trying my hand at writing one for a contest this year— a novella retelling of Snow White. It should be interesting. 😉

    I also love singing. 😀

    Once again, welcome! So happy you finally decided to become part of the awesome forum community.

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    @Daeus, thank you! I do have a novel I’m currently editing for Camp NaNo. It’s a kind of mix-up between fantasy and historical fiction.
    @Elizabeth, Yes I am INFP!! And no, I don’t play any instruments unfortunately, though I’ve always wanted to learn oboe. My mum tried to teach me the recorder when I was in Year 6, I think, but I never got much further than out of tune squawking :P.
    @Jenni Grace, I don’t think I’ve ever met so many INFPs in my life!!! I’ve only just started on retellings myself, but I enjoyed some of Marissa Meyer’s, and I like Melanie Dickerson’s takes on fairytales (she makes them historical fiction and omits magic). I’ve heard Gail Carson Levine is good too, but I haven’t read any of hers.
    @Rosey Mucklestone, Ah yes, and I’ve stalked your blog too on occasions. Yes, I stole Gabrielle Massman’s idea for that because I thought it was really neat.
    @DaughterOfTheKing, I’ve read Cinder, but haven’t got to the last three yet. I’ve also read Heartless and I enjoyed them both!
    @BethanysInkyRoses, thank you for your welcome. I appreciate it!

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    @DaughterOfTheKing, thank you, I like my name too! It is funny though how often people spell it wrong!
    @KateFlourney, I’ve finally found the place INFPs go to socialise if they don’t feel like dealing with real, actual people! Would that be for the Rooglewood press competition? I’m also planning a Snow White retelling, though I’m *cough cough* determined not to start it until I’ve finished editing my Camp novel.

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    Jenni Grace

    @SeekJustice I know! It’s crazy how many INFPs you can find around here. 😜
    Hm, it seems I haven’t read any of those retellings, I may have to look into them. 😀

    And one teensy thing about tagging people: you have to use someone’s tag not username to er, tag them. XD And some of us like to be confusing and have mismatching usernames and tags. (Okay the word “tag” suddenly feels waaayyy overused 😆) For instance, my username is Jenni Grace but my tag is actually @graciegirl. Someone’s tag can be found on their profile below their profile picture. 🙂
    Ooh I hope that made sense! I’m not great at explaining things. 😁

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    Dragon Snapper

    @seekjustice Yes! Homeschool is awesome! What’s your favorite aspect of it?
    Fantasy! Fantasy! I’ve written one fantasy novel, and most of my other writing is fantasy, but now, my WIP is sci-fi.
    What’s your favorite genre of music to listen to?

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    Welcome to the forum @seekjustice! Did you ever read Vivian Vande Velde’s retellings of Rumpelstiltsken? That’s one of my favorite fairytale retellings…

    Profile photo of SeekJustice

    @graciegirl, aha! I knew I was doing something wrong. I shall remember that.
    @dragon-snapper, I love everything about homeschooling, I’ve never known anything else! I guess my favourite part is at the moment when all my friends at school are doing massive tests and getting really stressed out, the only thing I’m panicking about is my wordcount.
    @aratrea, thanks. No I haven’t, is that The Rumpelstiltskin Problem? I have heard of it before.

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    @seekjustice Yep! It’s basically six different retellings of the classic story that are trying to make the story more plausible/realistic. Very entertaining.

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