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    Aislinn Mollisong

    Hi! I’m Aislinn Mollisong, and I just signed up! I’m starting a fantasy trilogy, and hope that the things on this website will help me.

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    Aislinn Mollisong

    Also I’m Rolena Hatfield’s friend. She’s the one that told me about this website!

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    Christi Eaton

    Welcome to the forum @aislinn-mollisong Oh, a fantasy trilogy sounds both fun and a lot of work. I’m so glad you are here! That’s so cool you know @rolena-hatfield she’s the best 🙂 One of my musical theater buddies 🙂

    Anyway welcome to probably the craziest, fun-loving, dedicated to writing, and super encouraging place on the internet!!! (It’s also the bestestiest, which is one of the jokes around here but I can never remember how to spell that word correctly off the top of my head the first time 🙂 )

    Once again, welcome!!!

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    Welcome @aislinn-mollisong I hope you enjoy your time here! Have you done a lot of writing before??

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    Jane Maree

    @aislinn-mollisong WELCOME TO THE BESTISTEST PLACE ON THE INTERNETS. *throws confetti and pizza* What are some of hobbies/stuff you like doing?

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    Welcome to the site @aislinn-mollisong! You came in at the perfect time since we’ll be publishing a lot of fantasy articles next month. 🙂 Who are your favorite fantasy authors?

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    Hi, @aislinn-mollisong. Welcome to the bestistest place on the internet.

    What’s the premise of your trilogy?

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    Hey @aislinn-mollisong! Welcome to the kingdom! I hope you will get along well with us crazy KeePers 😉

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    Howdy @aislinn-mollisong! Welcome to KP!

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    Kate Flournoy

    Welcome to the Kingdom @aislinn-mollisong! Can I ask, is that your real name? It sounds just fantasy-ish enough to make me wonder… *wink*
    Yep, Rolena is the best.
    What’s your favorite thing about writing?

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    Emma Flournoy

    Hey @Aislinn-Mollisong! I second Kate about your name. 😀 Regardless, it’s quite a neat one.

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    Rolena Hatfield

    @aislinn-mollisong Yay, you made it! I’m so excited you’re here!
    As you can see, people here are super friendly and I know you’ll find lots of help for your trilogy. (which by the way, you never finished telling me about. I look forward to hearing all the little details next time I see you 😀 )

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    Jessi Rae

    Hi @aislinn-mollisong! Welcome to KP! I’m new to the site as a member, but have been stalking – I mean, following – it for a while now (maybe several months up to a year?). I’ve found pretty much all the articles quite helpful one way or another, and I’m sure the things on here will help you too. Good luck on your fantasy trilogy! 😀

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    Hello @aislinn-mollisong! Welcome to the land of KeePers!

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    Hi @aislinn-mollisong! Welcome to KP! I love fantasy, and almost everything I write is fantasy. 🙂 How did you first start writing?

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