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    Jane Maree
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    @jenwriter17 ahhh I completely missed this before, sorry. D:

    I really like everyone else’s suggestions for twists. Having the ultimate reveal of her family and mentor and all the secrets in the past being an unexpected shock really heightens things. *nodnod*

    As for the blurb, it’s a good base to start off from but it’s long and gives a little too much information. If you want, feel free to work on it a  little (if you want to incorporate the new ideas) and email it to me and I can look over it with you. 😀

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    So Just from the blurb it seems like Taegan (super cool name btw) is kind of a loner throughout the entire story, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but for me stories that have two of more characters with a developing relationship (doesn’t have to be romantic!) throughout the story makes a big difference between a forgettable or unforgettable book. 🙂
    Also I really like what @rochellaine said because its something I wouldn’t have thought of. 🙂

    and I was so confused


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    @rochellaine the MC’s mentor teaches at Airos Academy (for students wanting to become a Guardian), so he does mentor others, but he took a particular liking to Taegan.

    @radicallysurrendered I am planning on changing the antagonist so it isn’t so obvious. I think i’m going to make one of the Guardians the antagonist (a cheerful guy named Keegan), even though it hurts me. 😢but thank you for the advice 😉


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    @jane-maree Yes, I’m am so bad at blurbs. I’ll keep working on it. Thank you for offering your help! ❤ I’ll keep working on it.

    @notawriter At first it seems (and Taegan feels) that she’s all alone, but eventually one of the Guardians (Axel) becomes a good friend and another Guardian (Jada) does too, but hers happens more towards the end because of a lot of tension in Taegan and Jada’s past, which is part of the story.

    I love how there’s a red squiggly line under all my character names. 😜

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