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    Calling all Kaapeefers!

    I’m plotting the sequel to the novel I just finished writing and it is inspired by the French Revolution, but set 147 years from now. What sort of form of execution might we be using in place of a guillotine?

    Please let your imagination run wild 😛

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    Sam Kowal
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    @seekjustice Ooohhh O_0

    XD I forgot Australia was a different time than me when I first read this and I was like ‘Wow’

    Warning: Morbidness ahead, proceed with caution


    Probably lethal injections of drugs would be a common one. It’s humane, can be pretty much painless (if you can call being executed painless), and very effective. Potassium chloride is one.

    The downside of injections is that they probably cost more than… other methods. And they can’y be administered en masse. The guillotine was invented to cut down on ammunition costs, after all.

    Gas poisoning would probably be another option. Depends on how corrupt this government is, and how many executions they want to perform. Dropping gases into courtyards full of people is something they might do to eliminate a bunch of… human beings.

    Also, electrocution is another option.

    As far as an actually replacement for the guillotine, as in, a machine that’s the direct descendant of the guillotine, I’m not really sure… I don’t spend that much time thinking about such things XD

    It could potentially be some kind of laser weapon, or simply a box with made-up futuristic sci-fi powers that let it painlessly just suck the life away from its victim. And then these machines get carried around in trucks and soldier stop to pick up their victims.

    Also, it depends on how realistic you want it to be. There could be something ‘killer rays’ that can be used to kill people via some kind of wave, but that’s not especially realistic.

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    @seekjustice Honestly, the first thing I thought of was a laser guillotine. Probably not the sort of thing you’re looking for, but…I don’t know, I think something with lasers.

    By the way, have you read/watched The Scarlet Pimpernel? It’s a historical fiction/romance based in the French Revolution.

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    Louise Fowler
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    @seekjustice Talk about a gruesome topic…

    What about firing squads? Or… Locking someone in a room and sucking out all the oxygen? Or… I got nothing… Not the kind of thing I mull over. XD 😉

    @sam-kowal When you said killer ray, Sam, I immediately of the invisible ray the Martians used in The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. This is not a book recommendation, because it’s one of the few books I personally don’t recommend, it just reminded me of it. 😛

    @waterlily Yeah, that’s a good movie, and fully intend to read the book. 🙂

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    Grace H.
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    @seekjustice Ideas from my own head that haven’t already been mentioned include a electrocution/laser device that you can put over someone’s chest and it will stop their heart immediately (if you’re going for efficient). If you’re going for torturous, you could have a full-body machine where lasers are aimed to kill cells in specific parts of the body to increase pain.

    (I had no idea I could be so morbid)

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    @seekjustice I was thinking the same think as @sam-kowal I forgot how different Australia time is from the USA. I was like “3 o’clock in the morning!” 😜

    Sequel to Stars Fill Infinity?! *fangirls*

    hmm…..you could take the more advanced executions we have in the world today and go from that. Electric chair maybe, or another form of electricity. An injection that stops the heart, unless you were wanting something less subtle. If you’re wanting to still keep the guillotine, you could try to modernize it in ways. Like instead of a blade, there’s some sort of electric string across, then that would kinda keep the French Revolution feel to it more.

    I hope this helps! I’ll let you know when I think of more ideas.


    Jane Maree
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    @seekjustice well this is an interesting topic… XD

    Okay so, I think everyone else has got some pretty good ideas. Personally I think an idea like euthanasia would be abused and executions would be said to the public to be “for the good of the people.” Think some sort of poison/drug injected directly into a vein that kills them in a few seconds.

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    You could use something like the Nazi gas chambers, but use something more futuristic like @waterlily ‘s suggestion.

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    @sam-kowal @jenwriter17 Funnily enough your posts came at 3:00am for me 😛 (However, I do occasionally wake up at 3:40 and ponder how our descendants will summarily execute people 😂)

    @sam-kowal the idea of mass execution by gas sounds very effective, I don’t think it could be safely done in public though. So I might have to rule that out. That second last one sounds good, I’ll consider that.


    I have read the Scarlet Pimpernel! In fact, this book is a retelling of the Scarlet Pimpernel.


    I like that idea! Or like a ln electric version of a gallows.

    @perfectfifths well, firing squads are always effective.

    @gh24682468999 hmm…interesting ideas…our inner villain always comes out when planning novels

    @jane-maree I did think of euthanasia but increasingly its seen as a “merciful/honourable” way to die, so I didn’t think it would be viewed very shamefully.



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    @seekjustice Hehe, only with writers can I have this type of conversation. 🤔


    Anne of Lothlorien
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    @seekjustice All I can think of is a electronic zapping gun. I’m not into futuristic stuff…

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    Ben P.
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    Um… I’m not sure this is a healthy topic. XD Below are various ways of killing a person:

    • Dumping someone into the vacuum of space so that their blood boils and their bodies explode
    • Infiltering a person’s bloodstream with tiny nanobots that use lasers to slowly disintegrate a person from the inside out
    • Rigging phones (or the current technology) to let off massive amounts of lethal radiation.
    • Microchips planted in babies’ skulls at birth that will explode if they break the law

    If you want a public execution, I agree with everyone else and suggest a firing squad.

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    @seekjustice This is an interesting question but I am going to take a different approach from everyone else.

    You know in the book of Revelation where it talks about those who were beheaded for Christ?  These are martyrs from the end times who were beheaded.  My mom’s theory is that futuristic executions will be beheadings (is that a word?) because it is a quick way of execution, and then the organs can be used for transplants.  If you poison or electrocute or explode someone, their organs cannot be used.  It is efficient and inexpensive to use for medical purposes the organs of “rebels” who are executed.

    That would explain the beheaded martyrs in the Bible.

    (I’ve actually heard that China is doing something similar with their executions, but I don’t know much about it.)

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