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    Well, a girl would not be able to join the navy. She would have to disguise herself as a boy, which wouldn’t be as easy as the books/movies make out, especially if she’s a older teenager/woman. However, maybe she could try and be discovered, but not until they’re out at sea, so she can’t be returned or she could stow away and prove her worth to the sailors.

    What in particular was the plot hole?

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    @seekjustice, I know a girl would not be able to join and would have to disguise and that was my plan. I’m just not sure what would happen on the high seas. I was looking to have at the age of 14ish. so still relatively¬†young. that pretty much was the¬†plot hole. I don’t really have any ideas as to how she will end up but I want to have her pose as a midshipman/cabin boy. thus the title I came up with “Midshipman on Renegade”. Because the ship’s name happens to be Renegade.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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