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    Mark Kamibaya
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    So let’s get to know each other better! What is everyone’s favorite movies (or one of your favorite movies) and why? I realize that people here obviously have different views on certain issues so let me remind everyone that just because someone mentions a certain movie doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to watch it. And also please don’t be a jerk and tell someome that they’re bad for liking a movie you find offensive. And as always be careful what you post. So now that that is over . . .

    One of my favorite movies is Inception. If you want to know how to get a story going, but you have a lot of backstory and details that need to be explained then you have to watch this movie! This movie does a superb job in creating a riveting story while also explaining complex ideas. And this movie has one of the most original ideas ever imagined. The story is about a guy who has to plant an idea in someone’s head by navigating the dreams of the man. I don’t remember anything bad about the movie so if you can I highly recommend watching it.

    The Avengers is not as great as Inception but it is a must watch if you want to learn how to handle ensembles in your book.

    The Pursuit of Happyness. It is a great movie to watch if you want to see how to not end a story. For the first two-thirds I could say that it is pure awesomeness. The last third is a tad slow. Watch it if you want to know how to and how to not create a good story. This movie is about a guy who wants to become a stockbroker. But believe me. It’s more intense than you think.

    I have other movies that I love, but I’ll post them when this post is beginning to die. I’m gonna tag @kate-flournoy and @daeus because they seem to know everybody.

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    *cheats and copies tags from book club* @graciekry @his-instrument @jess @clairec @the-happy-bookaholic @dragon-snapper @timothy-young @warrioroftherealm @winter-rose @ingridrd @aysia-serene @adry_grace @belegteleri @hope @overcomer @vanna @faithdk @jadamae @hislittlerose @hannah-krynicki @writefury @hannah-olsen @dbhgodreigns @wordfitlyspoken @hannah-c @spradlin @ivy-rose @rolena-hatfield @anne-swiftblade

    Unfortunately, I’m not a very big movie person, so I may have trouble remembering what my favorite movies are, but I can tell you that my favorite humor movie is hands down The Hudsucker Proxy. It’s not entirely clean, but the humor is killer. It uses extreme hyper-exaggeration with a deftness I’ve never seen.



    Timothy Young
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    Favorite movies… Well, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a favorite of mine. Nice music, basically sound script, nice visuals, emotional without embarrassing me, and one of the few more recently made animations that I can still rematch without yawning too badly. 🙂

    Well that’s my first. 🙂


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    @timothy-young I know, the music in both of the How to Train Your Dragon movies is so beautiful!

    Hmmmmm…I have so many favorites! The Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies are pretty awesome. Um…Princess Bride, National Treasure, Courageous, most of the Marvel movies, and lots more. 🙂

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    Hope Ann
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    Just one favorite movie? I like a number of movies. Inkheart is one I really like because of the writer’s humor and the whole idea of meeting characters. I really like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies too because…Middle Earth.

    I like TV shows too. Sherlock is one of my favorites, because of all the hints and foreshadowing and yet you still don’t know what is going to happen…

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    Dragon Snapper
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    @ingridrd @timothy-young @mark-kamibayaI love the How To Train Your Dragon movies so much, though I can’t decide between the first and second. Probably the first for its in-depth characters and music. Thanks John Powell! And the Princess Bride. You can never go wrong there. ;p
    But my favorite movie? I have way too many…
    Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit (though they changed the book Hobbit too much, so I like LOTR better)
    Those are my first ones, but like many of you, I’m saving others for later on.



    Kate Flournoy
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    JUST ONE???!! *holds head, groans* @mark-kamibaya um… can I pick twenty? What?! Why not??
    Oh dear… okay… hm. I really like It’s a Wonderful Life. For flat-out timeless, that’s probably on the top of my list. There are others I really love, but that one never gets old.

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    I know I’m fifteen, but Monsters Inc is probably one of my favorites. Along with the original trilogy of Star Wars and LOTR.

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    Well… Jurassic World has been my favorite movie since it came out. The only reasons being: I just love scifi, Chris Pratt and dinosaurs.
    Otherwise, Narnia (Prince Caspian is my fav but I love all of them.) Any Marvel movie ever created. The School of Rock. And…. that’s all I got for now.


    Emma Flournoy
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    @alia Hey, Monsters Inc is great. 😀

    LotR, and lots of British period dramas are near the top. Especially North and South.
    Oh, and another Frank Capra/Jimmy Stewart one that is AWESOME is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Anyone seen that?


    Rolena Hatfield
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    I could never choose out of these four which was my favorite. 🙂
    The Inheritance (Family Films version) It’s a Louisa May Alcott story. I am inclined to like this much better than Little Women. It’s a contrast between two female characters one who’s out to get all she can from life and one who wants to give all she is through life.

    The Secret of Moonacre – Kind of a weird fantasy film, but my sister says I like weird things. 🙂 Though the plot is simple and could be refined, I enjoy the characters immensely. A good story showing the consequences of greed.

    Rigoletto – Another weird one (but ach! So beautiful) *how to explain it* Oh! It’s kinda like a Beauty and the Beast story, except beauty is a young girl and I haven’t seen it in a while, but the “beast” isn’t disfigured because of pride. (eh, don’t quote me on that!) Anyway there’s a lot more story to it than that, but my favorite scenes are when He (the beast) is teaching the girl to sing.

    Wives and Daughters – It’s a British film which in a way reminded me of Jane Austen style story, but ever so much more beautiful. Instead of promoting self, the main character displays self-sacrifice.



    Kate Flournoy
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    @rolena-hatfield Rigoletto!! Yes! I love that one!

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    Oh yes, I love Mr. Smith goes to Washington.



    Christi Eaton
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    @rolena-hatfield Yes! I love The Secret of Moonacre, It’s actually based off a book so I’m told. It’s such an interesting but fun movie, plus you can’t go wrong with a tad bit of steampunk and fantasy. 🙂

    So now I’m going to talk about my favorite movies.
    However, Instead of saying that I have just one favorite movie, I’m going to say Pixar, yes, all of Pixar. Here’s why.
    If you watch a bunch of Pixar movies you can see the same formula they use for every movie, the same recipe if you will, as they all tend to have the general string of events, however, Pixar is able to take that same recipe but create unique and fantastic stories that are always new and exciting. Now There are a few Pixar I didn’t really care for, but the ability to create movies and stories like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Inside Out, Etc. and have something new and refreshing almost every time is an incredible thing really.

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    Anne Swiftblade
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    Only one??
    *Thinks about how to choose*
    *Gives up*
    To bad, you get a bunch! 😀

    The Narnia movies, LOTR, the original Star Wars trilogy, How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, The Princess Bride, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington *winks at @emma-flournoy*, Tangled (big Disney person in general), Treasure Planet, I like pretty much all the Super-movies (some of the newer Marvel ones kinda let me down with Character and story development though), The Music Man, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Pride and Prejudice (the long BBC version), Newsies, Willow, and The Court Jester.

    I love movies for their stories. It doesn’t really matter to much to me if the graphics are cheesy as long as the story and/or characters are well written and interesting to my personal taste!

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