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    *stalks this topic*





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    I agree with everyone else, but I’ll add one thing: Look up Turkish composite bows. Those things were used by ancient Turks and are just about the best bow you can get. They used layers of animal horn, sinew, and wood to make the bow snap. As a result, they could shoot huge distances, like 400 meters. Of course that required about 100 lbs of force. 🙂

    The internet has more info

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    @that_writer_girl_99 *sees everything on bows and archery and swords* I have a compound!
    Yes, I’m still learning and I haven’t fired it much recently (It is cold here.). But I have a few things to say from what I learned.
    !. Hold the arrow with three fingers, not your pinky. It will throw the arrow off, if you do.
    2. Right handed people hold the bow in their left hand. Opposite for lefties. Also the bows are different for lefties and righties.
    3. You can only notch the arrow in two different directions, you want one of the feathers to be facing out. if it is facing the wrong direction it can damage the feather when you fire it, cause it would hit the bow. Though I suppose this wouldn’t concern you if you were firing at a monster, you are probably not going to get it back…

    I have no idea if that is helpful or not. *shrug*

    @ethryndal @skredder that was great I learned something!

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    @ethryndal That recurve picture looks almost exactly like the recurve we use.

    Secondly, you really have researched archery. Impressive. Most impressive.

    @that_writer_girl_99 *shoves spectacles up on nose quite scholarlyly* I back up what she said. Mostly because my dad’s an archer and several of us amateur archers, so I know at least the basics. 😉 I especially concur with the part about, like, pain when the string hits your arm. PAIN. If you’re shooting the bow correctly though I don’t think that’s supposed to happen, so there must be a lot of consistently incorrect archers for them to have a habit of wearing arm guards. ;P

    And I especially especially concur with the part about how hard it is to pull a bow. If your character has never pulled a bow back, he will not be able to do it on the first try. (Or second.) Unless it’s with a few pounds draw weight only, in which case the bow won’t be doing its work, because that’s not enough force behind the arrow to really do anything. It’s quite demoralizing. 😛 I think I can pull up to 30 lbs currently, but my dad’s compound (which variety, as noted, does look sorta modern for fantasy. It’s more gadgety (with a lot of plastic and non-fantasy looking stuff on it), which makes it more accurate, but far less romantic looking.) is somewhere between 65 and 80 lbs, and I’m pretty sure it’s 75. None of us but him can even pull it back an inch. It’s so laughable to see him pull it back like one can stretch a rubber band, and you think, ehhh, that’s easy. But then you try, and it feels basically like you’re pulling against the weight of the world *sorrow*

    That to say, it can obviously be done, but you have to work up to it. It’s because pulling a bow utilizes muscles near the back of your shoulder that aren’t used very much in normal everyday life, so you have to do specific exercises for those otherwise undeveloped muscles, and work your way up in draw poundage by baby steps. It’s sore work to be sure. 😀 But if your character really needs to be an archer…he’ll get there. (If they’re already practiced and strong enough though, so much the better for them.)

    Also, I can forgive Legolas for this because he’s an Elf (not so sure about Susan Pevensie), but the actual human cannot shoot so many shoots in such quick succession, aside from the issues of nocking and drawing, because you have to aim, and aiming with a bow takes a steady everything. With compounds it’s more accurate because you have a scope or some sort of aiming device on it, but with recurves and stuff it’s just your eyes, and those can prove really inaccurate. Especially on a narrow target. So aiming takes longer than that, and unless you have Elf eyes and reflexes, you can’t just go bam bam bam and expect to hit your mark at all. *fatalistic shrug* Such are the ways of life.

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