By Madelynn Pitcher

I walk through the halls of my life’s memories,
wondering if I have done everything I could to make it all right.
“This is the last time,” I tell myself as my fingertips glide across the cement blocks that create and form the structure that holds the beginning of who I am.

Is this the end?
This is the end.

To my left is the room where I met my best friend, and to the right is the hall I walked every day to get to my least favorite class.

I’ll still miss it.

I’ll still miss the pushing and shoving through seas of hormones and pulsating minds trying their hardest to reach their destination on time.
I’ll still miss the constant tapping of a pencil from the person beside me while taking a test that could potentially make or break my grade.

I am walking out of my past; it is about to fade.

Am I ready for all this to be behind me?
Am I ready to move on?
Mon temps ici Γ©tait bon.
What do I do once this is all gone?

It’ll all be gone.

These are my last steps in this place of which I have grown so fond.
It has latched onto my heart with a profound bond.
My life is etched into the mortar of these walls.
It is time to say farewell; it is time to miss it all.

Madelynn Pitcher is a freshman at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. She is studying a double major of political science and English. She enjoys writing, reading, playing her violin, and spending quality time with her friends. God comes first in her life, and she encourages others to rely on Him.